Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.01.22

Hidden Inflation; the Gold Fix; and Coming Defaults

-The coming defaults in China, how it has come
to this and how it can affect us
-The importance of tariffs that are not in effect today
-Show us the Gold. The NY Fed says they have 8,000 tons of gold many experts, including Andrew, say “It just ain’t there baby.”
-The history of where the gold has gone
-Hear us talk about the fascinating chart on show page comparing the ramp up of gold in the seventies to the S&P of today.
-Inflation is hidden in inferior products from overseas
-Would Apple moving production to U.S. be “The right thing?”
-Canada caller wondering about selling property and buying precious metals
-ECB is unable to sterilize their inflation of the money supply
-700,000 Greeks are behind and paying installments on their utility bill
-The gold fix, what it is and why it’s weaking
-You ask what are Andy’s best investments after gold and silver coins
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