Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spingola Speaks 2014.01.22

Guest: Joe Cortina.

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Unknown said...


At 52:30 a caller (identified as "Rick") asked two questions, in an accosting manner, which deserve a serious answer. 1) What is Joe's relationship with Nathanial Kapner? and 2) What about the claim that the Mel Gibson's family evaded the draft?

Instead of answering the questions straight away, Joe feigned disdain for the caller, which he labeled a troll, and proclaimed he wouldn't even discuss it "with him".

That is such a typical JEWISH tactic, when asked a tough question, attack the questioner so as to avoid having to address the question.

And, to top it off, our normally hard-hitting Deanna chimed in like a pussy and let Joe off the hook without a whimper, joining in with Joe's disdain about the caller and not giving a straight answer to the questions. She retorted, in a cheap show of haughty humor, "Goodbye, Rick".

Goodbye, Deanna.

Christian said...

No i second Joe Cortinas answer.And i do not lower myself either as Joe said to give you an explanation why.So if you have to say good riddance to Deanna..What happens if a bike is fallen in China?

Unknown said...

When you take sides by personality instead of issues, you fall prey to being a "useful idiot" to a tyrant whom you hold in high esteem.

So, instead of focusing on the personality of the caller, the guest, or me, take a moment to consider the questions themselves.

What is Joe's relationship with Kapner? Is that not a legitimate question? If you think not, then I can't help you since Joe mentioned "jews" several times and it is commonly aired that Kapner is a jew.

To anyone not predisposed to discount any tough question to Joe, that issue deserves an explanation.

Also, since Joe made favorable mention of Gibson in such a way as to leave us with the impression that Gibson is somebody to be honored and admired, then it is also legitimate to question the claim about evading the draft.

If you don't think so, then you simply are of a mind to disregard any untoward questions asked about
someone you have already decided is a hero. Whatever "dirt" is uncovered about someone you have already decided to admire, you will just ignore and adopt a harsh attitude toward the party uncovering the dirt.

The problem I have with Deanna is that she should have at least asked Joe to address the issues (raised by Rick, admittedly in a rude fashion), and not allow Joe to pull that jewish trick of attacking the QUESTIONER so as to avoid having to address the QUESTION.

Use your sense of logic - this is not a personality contest, but a quest for TRUTH, which cannot be arrived at by clever avoidance of any difficult question.