Monday, January 27, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.01.27

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

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Anonymous said...

Is this guy off his meds? A guy who's name begins with 'giu' is now telling us anyone talented in history is a jew?

According to CG, is anyone in history not a Jew? FMD.

consti2tionalist said...

Geeze really powerful expose there igodom. His name begins with Giu therefore we can conclude he is a jew...apparently he is off his meds and you know this how?

If you can prove that they aren't jews than by all means show us the way!

Their devil claws are buried very deep.

Anonymous said...

"If you can prove that they aren't jews than by all means show us the way!"

Well how exactly would I do that? Look into Charlie's crystal ball?

What's next? Thomas Edison, jew too. Newton? yep, jew. Plato, Socrates? yep, you guessed it, secret jews. Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Neil Armstrong, Shakespear... jew, jew, jew, jew! 'Prove that they ain't.'

Hell, I'm starting to wonder why we're so upset with jews... According to Charlie, jews have created everything we hold dear in Western civilization. If you had some talent and accomplished something, you must've been a jew.

Anonymous said...

" Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalie everyone's a jew G G G G Guiliani " It gets to a point where there's a jew behind every rock becomes pure unadulterated comedy. A wise man once said " The it's the jews crowd tend to see jews EVERYWHERE, except in the most important place, The Mirror !

Good comment igodom, I agree completely

Anonymous said...

lol, Charlie said Robin Hood was a communist jew as was King Arthur
he also has definitive proof in the:
francis bacon shakespeare conspiracy
Although, today he tried to imply that Shakespeare was gay, which is a funny assertion as Charlie has proof that Shakespeare was just an addled minded day laborer
which in itself implies a contempt for blue collar workers.

I enjoy Charlie b/c he brings a lot of these historical figures back to life & he is a shock jock.