Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2014.02.04

Molding Minds with Psychological Operations

Tom in Connecticut joins the show to discuss recent psy ops, multiracial propaganda, Cass Sunstein, “conspiracy theories”, reaching a larger audience, and regaining control of reality.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's John Friend's handler on Renegade! This Tom guy is a Fed if I heard heard one.
Say, did you know the White Man March is on the very same day as Purim?

1776blues said...

Whats with the lousy sound quality?

Anonymous said...

30 minutes in, the question came up as to whether former KGB psy-ops agent Yuri Bezmenov's revelations may themselves have been a psy-op.

I pondered on this same question two years ago, and did find some things he said in another video to be highly suspect.

He said that you need to take more serious steps in reversing the effects of each stage of the control campaign, but what he advocated at later stages was to to violate constitutional protections and liberties.

49 minutes into this video, he calls for:

"Restriction of some liberties for small groups which are self-declared enemies of the society."


He realizes this is problematic, so he preps his audience with:

"Oh no, the media and liberals will tell you this is against the American Constitution."

It's not just the media and liberals. I also have the same objection.

Anonymous said...

Here is a summary I prepared starting 38 mins. in.

Check out the part about Tom indirectly implicating Michael Collins Piper and others as paid agents.

38m - Your rights are not negotiable despite what someone says on TV
41m - Eric Holder talking about brainwashing students with anti-gun message
42m - Cass Sunstein's book, Nudge
45m - Kyle said Aurora was a total hoax -- talking about Ed Chiarini -- saying he's right that some actors are playing multiple parts, and the majority of what he's doing is total BS
- Saying some SNL star was involved in an event
47m - Tom said he thinks Ed Chiarini is a big problem
48m - Both say Ed Chiarini is a disinfo agent
50m - Tom said his actions are consistent with a denial approach that serves to create confusion and a feeling of being overwhelmed
51m - Said he's 100% sure the whole Sandy Hook story is BS
52m - Kyle referred to "the people out there who vehemently deny that the story put forth is false -- they think that everything that happened at Sandy Hook happened as the media said so"
53m - Kyle asked "what about people out there who have questioned the events of September 11th, who have called out Jewish corruption, government corruption, who have seen that the media lies time and again, and yet they're out there on their radio programs and debates, defending the official narrative" - indirect reference to Michael Collins Piper and others -- Tom said the people that are behind this (Sandy Hook) need to protect media deception in order to shape public policy and public opinion because if they lose control of that, they lose control of us -- "you're seeing certain people who get paid"
54m - Says it's cheap to buy off people
54m - Said Hal Turner was a definite govt plant -- he said they didn't pay him much
55m - Said it's easy to pay someone off to cry on the air so they can make their next rent payment
56m - Tom said the people that Kyle is talking about (indirect reference to Michael Collins Piper) are being paid to engage in counter speech
- Alternative media generally doesn't want to get into racial issues
57m - Kyle said Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial is beautiful multicultural propaganda
59m - Duplicity of mass media in portraying a good looking Muslim women 10 years after Muslims were demonized
1h - Tom said he felt that America has been completely destroyed and overrun
1h2m - If it was just about profits, why would they alienate so much of their customer base?
1h3m - Tom went into a local store where they had posters of lots of black people in an overwhelmingly white area and asked why the owner had that, and he said he didn't know, he got them from head office
1h6m - He said he can prove a link between white house and Sandy Hook Super Bowl singers
1h9m - Counter their massive psychological operations with our own -- they want us to get violent
1h10m - Said violence would only be a viable option if you could take out the limited number of people behind these operations -- probably only 12 people, but should still use psychological operations

Anonymous said...

1h11m - Need to appeal to emotions
1h13m - Saying Super Bowl commercial feeds into white genocide got a strong emotional reaction on YouTube
1h14m - Emotion overrides intellect, and you have to go there, since the enemy's using it
1h17m - Most people will fall for an emotional appeal
1h18m - Wouldn't even try using an emotional appeal for someone who wants the facts
1h20m - Break with clip
1h21m - Roth decision, opened the floodgates to pornography in 1957, and pornography was considered freedom
1h22m - In 2002, Israeli military force marched into Ramallah, and took over TV stations and started broadcasting pornography
1h23m - Some who were there told him snipers were on the roofs shooting at anyone walking outside their house so they had to stay inside and only news source was TV, and it was broadcasting porn
1h24m - Two important movies - the people vs. Larry Flynt and Boogie Nights - Congress debating whether to allow pornography on the internet
1h25m - Larry Flynt saying if there's pornography, there's freedom
1h26m - Have to look to Samson and Delilah, which also took place in Gaza - the explanation of why the Israelis did it was to distract from the takeover of the town and to enjoy hedonistic pleasures as a weapon in cultural warfare
1h28m - Battle over obscenity in the U.S. from 1930s to 1960s was largely a Catholic vs. Jewish battle - Catholic attorneys and attorney generals fighting Jewish Hollywood or New York pornographers
1h29m - People not perceiving the control factor of porn -- libertarian argument of if you don't' like it, change the channel, but who gets to control the channel in the first place?
1h32m - Effect of Miley Cyrus gyrating is to make young girls want to behave the same way and destroy them
1h33m - Sex is a vital function, but it's supposed to be in the confines of a relationship with higher purposes like family
1h34m - Kyle said when he was growing up, his society was very white, but now it's so "diverse"
1h42m - Home schooling
1h44m - Peer pressure is an extremely powerful control mechanism
1h50m - Categorizing people into limited groups to control them better, and priming, by using pre-programming to drive them to a certain reaction
1h54m - Read chapter 8 of CIA agent Heuer's book, Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
1h56m - Carlos Arredondo Boston Marathon cowboy hat guy