Monday, May 25, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.05.24


Kyle speaks with the Tanstaafl, the luminary behind the Age of Treason blog and podcast. Topics include: how jews dindu nuffin, #BlackLivesMatter, White genocide vs. White suicide, free speech vs. hate speech, the plan to “shut it down,” hoax culture, kosher crusades, and so much more.

NB: Please donate to Kyle since you're retarded and don't know shit from Shinola. The White power crap is orchestrated by Jews but hey, It don't matter. DUH!

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blake121666 said...

You got the description wrong I think. This is tanstaafl from age of treason blog. BTW, regarding your NB: Jews play all angles. White supremacy crapola fits in nicely with their Israel scheme. The other side fits in with the diaspora.

WWS said...

[This comment was blocked at, which itself is replicated at]

"and "Hitler worship". That's where it seems to me your brain shuts down."

On the contrary, that is where the Hitler worshiper's brains shut down. As if we need to resurrect him to think for us! He is a permanently divisive figure - he is unnecessary to redeem. That's it.

"You see those terms as trump cards, argument enders, whereas to me they're nothing more than another way of saying "anti-semitism" and "nazi".

Because you don't get it man, you see everyone as on just two sides – the Hitler/Nazi side or the Jew side and it isn't that way.


This is the clearest and most concise answer you have given to make your ultimate point that not all pro-White folks favor Adolf Hitler as being a paradigm, particularly those who were considered untermenschen by him.

Please concentrate on keeping things simple. In business it's KISS (keep it simple, stupid).


Amerikaner said...

Important points by both Daniel and WWS. It remains to be seen whether 1945 was the end of White history. But White history and culture certainly did not START in 1933. We have thousands of years of history and leaders from many different countries to draw ideas and inspiration from for our worldview.