Tuesday, September 29, 2015

E. Michael Jones comments: Iran president calls for formation of global front against extremism, terrorism



Christopher Marlowe said...

I am finding it a little suspicious that Russia and Iran are the ones calling for the global anti-terrorism police force. False opposition?

Everyone would be suspicious if the US and israhell called for a global front against terrorism, but Iran and Russia are opposing the NWO, right?

As analogy, in Star Wars the imperial storm troopers were originally fighting against the "bad guys". But by episode IV they are firmly in the grip of the evil empire. Are we not setting up the precedent of a global police force under the UN?

It would be wonderful if such a force declared that israhell was a terror state, and then had a regime change and brought some "freedom" over there. But that's not going to ever happen. No one is going to declare 9/11 a fraud. No one is going to declare the space program a fraud. Our world is based on LIES, top to bottom. And now we are approving of a global police force to enforce the lies.

Negentropic said...


Sureee!!!!! The pot calling the kettle black is an understatement in the case of these Mullahs in Iran.

If they're really against "extremism," they can start with not whipping people in public for protesting their sisters getting taken to prison for violating the fashion code:


and throwing away all, and I mean every last one, of the sharia laws in their barbaric penal code:


Until they do that, they can kiss my black ass.