Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.09.29

The Q Source hypothesis

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larry said...

Don't waste too much time with this? Hahaha! The bible is inconsistent Charles! We know!

George Jones said...

I think these shows will always be great and I hope Charles continues to do them. The jew book needs to be exposed considering the fact that it controls billions of people. Charles hits it at all angles so it is completely necessary. If he opens one persons eyes a day that is a win.

Negentropic said...

@George Jones

But to us old-timers who have been listening to CG since 2007, it's as boring as a broken record. He needs to balance that stuff with having new and interesting guests on and expanding his mind with the truck of their con-verse-a-shine.

Woodchuck said...

I'm a very old-timer and I love these shows. I despise the bible, so the more info to discredit it the better for me. But, I understand and to each his own. And, I do hope he gets more guests, but I hope he gets this problem of getting cut off early solved first.

Unknown said...

The problem probably is not "blogtalk."
The computers of analysts exposing the New (Jew) World Order probably undergo a lot of hasbara sabotage.

Unknown said...

Perhaps Luke and Matthew did not consider what they wrote to be "divinely inspired" or the "infallible word of God." Perhaps they were not "plagiarizing" but merely compiling the best accounts. They took Mark and added some more stories that they thought were true.
It's later various Protestant sects of Christians who decided to label the books "divinely inspired" or "God's infallible word."

Steve said...

Or maybe the Bible, as with all scriptures, is a book of spiritual allegories, spiritual symbols, and as such 'historical' discrepancies don't matter, maybe it is us that is still inadequate and dim to see the meanings of the ( obvious ) myths. Maybe the four gospels differ because they aren't recording history ( which they aren't ) but are allegories of our four fold nature - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual ( four horses of the apocalypse ) and John differs from the other 3 so much because it is the spiritual, just as Revelation is full of weird stuff when read literally, it would as it's symbolic, but we today are so dumb, even though we think we are smart, that we just aren't capable as yet to see through the symbol with our 'intelligent' insistence of seeing it literally. Maybe we are falling for the trap to throw out the Bible and other scriptures as 'rubbish' and losing that spiritual knowledge forever in our complete ignorance of understanding myth and symbol. Maybe our ego just won't allow us to see it any different, we all find it hard to admit ' we were wrong '. Maybe the ancient sages weren't intending to fool us ( we've fooled ourselves in taking myth as history ) rather we are fools.

George Jones said...

It's his show, he can do what he wants my suggestion is don't listen to his show that day this isn't about you or the old timers, he has quite a few newbies