Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.09.29

Guest: Pat Veldon
  • Pat talks about the Flesh and Blood Sovereign and the Fictional Corporate Dead Entity.
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Weyland Yorks said...

It's the first time ever I have cut short on listening to this show. I couldn't stand listening anymore to the guest about that old red herring of how the Jesuits are in control of everything and always have been. The guest has some wakening up to do. It was refreshing to hear Graham start the show by going from the "Z" word to the "J" word and stating the obvious! The guest should realise just who hands are behind the formation of the Jesuits, and no doubt they have a part to play in the big picture. But it wasn't the Jesuits who brought down Rome or ancient Egypt, or funded countless wars and divisions amongst peoples for centuries. Keep on the learning track you've been on Graham, and leave the Jesuit believers behind in their little bubble! I gave it until half way so gave the guy a chance. http://zioncrimefactory.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/The-Jesuits-Hoax.pdf

quaere verum said...

This Glaswegian eejit was a real embarrassment to me. The way he talked showed his lack of real education and research, not all Glaswegians are so ignorant.

Graham comes across as a really nice person but it would be good for him to be more faithful in his knowledge and thus be more assertive with ignorant guest like this.

Asskick Films said...

Guys - We all have our opinions I didn't share Pat's views on Jesuits etc, but I mainly asked on my fellow host at PIR to talk about the Flesh and Blood Sovereign and the Fictional Corporate Dead Entity - Of which he is brilliant; which is why I stated that we will have to agree to disagree on Hitler. I should have said the same about Jesuits but I wanted some final time to jew on it.

The importance of getting out there that Elite Jews and Zionism control every evil in this world will now be at the cutting edge of my way forward.I'm still learning too and it's only in the last couple of weeks that I've began to really clearly see who our enemy truly is. And they're going down !!!

I appreciate your comments and welcome them. Thank you for listening.