Friday, September 11, 2015

Kevin Barrett comments on 9/11 anniversary
*9/11 Mega-post - updated


Negentropic said...

9-11 Plane-Hugger/Victims-Hugger and deliberate disinfo-spreading shill Barrett needs to have the two LYING TRAITORS Bob McIlvaine and Willie Rodriguez on and kiss their asses some more.

After all, McIlvain'e "son" died on 9-11! And he thinks it might have been "an inside job."


The ONLY images of McIlvaine's so-called "dead son" ever seen ANYWHERE:

I mean, come on now, let's get real here: has anybody EVER seen WORSE and more obvious photoshops than that? They took the same image and photoshopped it 3 times, one being a color of the same black-&-white!

And it goes without saying that McIlvaine's "son's" name is not on either the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) or the list of "death certificates," and, of course, McIlvaine's son certainly does not have a last address of residence revealed since NO SUPPOSED 9-11 VICTIM, not a single one, has a last address of residence listed! No one even knows where any of these people even lived! lol

WHOOLI said...

It does not necessarily follow that a non-fakeologist is a shill. And we don't need fakeology to prove that the government's official 9-11 conspiracy theory is false.