Friday, September 11, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.09.11

Interview with 9/11 researcher Dean Hartwell

American Nationalist Network (BlogTalk)



Anonymous said...

Good to hear Charlie opening up more to the possibility that there was mass fakery with 9/11, including crisis actors posing as family members, as he says there was with Sandy Hook, Boston and subsequent events.

Almost no one would've guessed it at the time, but 9/11 appears to be a big template for what they used later, and the crisis acting

Hartwell brought up a very significant point about how the names appearing in the Social Security Death Index of those who purportedly died on 9/11 (less than 25% of the nearly 4000 reported deaths) could've easily been added by the perps, because they are entered based on filings, and who would actually question that someone really died on that day.

Then, just before the end of the first hour, caller, Jeannon, brought up the important matter of Norman Mineta seemingly being a good guy based on what he said in implicating Cheney, yet upon further consideration, figures that he was fulfilling his role in a deliberate way (as it actually reinforces the official narrative that a big commercial plane hit the Pentagon, as opposed to a missile, a smaller plane, bombs going off, or a combination thereof).

And I think she rightly questioned the sincerity of the "Jersey Girls," who seemed like real concerned victims family members, yet upon further consideration, may have been crisis actors, in calling for a 9/11 Commission, making it look like there was a real investigation, and not speaking out afterwards, nor questioning big elements of the official story, such as the planes they said that hit the Towers.

Negentropic said...

This was only Giuliani's second or third show out of hundreds with a 9-11 Media-Fakery theorist more-or-less from the Shack camp. Hartwell is a Clues Forum member but hasn't posted that much. He does most of his research on his own blog.
Unfortunately Giuliani was so enamoured of showing how well he knows all the details of the official 9-11 movie red-herrings and often deliberately manufactured contradictions and "mistakes" to get too much into the media-fakery aspect of things with Hartwell until the last 15 minutes of the show.

I remember when Guiliani had Chris Holmes on back in 2012, agreed with everything Holmes said about 9-11 Media-Fakery, then went back to plane-hugging on the very next show.

I think he should just cut to the chase and start having people like hoi polloi, Simon Shack, John le Bon and Abirato on regularly or anyone else competent to speak on the issue from the Fakeologist site and not try to barrage them with all this really old David Ray Griffin outdated nonsense from 10 years ago.

WWS said...

Because many valid videos are extant,
there are but two options with WTC-7:

1. Proof positive: controlled demolition.

2. You don't see a controlled demolition.

If the obvious is clear, then the proper
procedure is to issue indictments, or to
convene a grand jury in order to do so.
(Investigation into the exact methods of
destruction would run concurrently.)

But the rub is that no matter what facts
there are, there will be no indictments!
The kikejew stranglehold on our legal
system insures this – at least for now.

Even so, the clarity of WTC-7, when
compared to all other aspects of 9/11,
make it the "smoking gun". Everything
else leads to numerous scenarios which
lead to argumentation.

Too much TALK
is how the kikejew wins!