Friday, September 11, 2015

The Tribe Has Decided to Go After Jeff Rense

If They Can't Kill Him through arranging "Accidents", They'll Resort To Old Fashioned Character Assassination Instead!
Looks like Jeff Rense is catching some heat in an invidious and flat out lying hit piece, intersprinkled with acceptable observations about making serious money off of strange devices and expensive compositions that allege to treat maladies. I don’t know one way or the other about the latter except that they all cost a lot of money which… once again is why I don’t employ paid advertising at my sites.
Most telling is the constant inference that he is making his money off of the aged and infirm. Good grief!


Ognir said...

Rense has got much worse with his nonsense recently
Now the SPLC after him, to give him cred

Not buying it

Ognir said...

Just listening to

Rense and Jay Weidner talking about Trump starting around the 15:21 min mark via TiU

Rense at it again, pushing Trump to death

Rense "so what if he is a billionaire, he made it, he earned it" WTF????

Weidner "I think Trump is one of us"
Rense "Ah, you too, yeah I have been keeping that in MY back pocket"

Rense added in about his kids being married to jews and brushed it off

Something isn't kosher

Solfeggio said...

It is unethical to sell products related to the news items you are covering on your shows. I don't care for Fukushima reporting and other -- super gloom and doom Rense stuff -- if he is selling medical cures at same time. It's a conflict of interest. Same with Akex Jones weidner and Rense are close so they will have occasional talks that seem like infomercials at times. I love Jay though, but one can't tell if he is just trying to make a living in alternative media or if it's something else.

Roy Hobs said...

"....Now the SPLC after him, to give him cred

Not buying it ..."

Exactly! If a person listens to Rense long enough, it becomes very apparent that if the Bi-Polar disorder was a real disease.......then Jeff is definitely bi-polar!

The Jews one day...........the Globalists the next day. Hitler bad.......Hitler good. And it goes on and on and on.

Negentropic said...

The positives of the Rense site (strong anti-Jew, exposes the holohoax, doesn't bash Hitler, exposes Sandy Hoax and Boston Marathon Hoax, links directly to people like Mike King and John Friend, etc.) are still slightly above all the negatives (UFO abductions, Fukushima fear-mongering, 9-11 plane-hugging, Hitler escaped to Argenetina BS, etc.), but they won't be for much longer if he keeps going the way he does.

By they way, you all did know that AJ split from his wife a few months ago, right?

Fear-porn dealer Alex Jones and former wife Kelly "Violet" Nichols luxurious villa for sale:

Alex Jones divorced on 3/23/15 - $4 million settlement Documents reveal

wanda said...

* AJ settles with wife for four million fear porn dollars... ouch, that's cold.