Saturday, September 19, 2015

Obamessiah Meets Pope Francis as Misleaders Converge on UN - New World Next Week


Allat Goddess said...

Pope's visit is a security test.
But...but, doesn't event he popiola have a double?I mean, everybody that is anybody, has a double for public appearances, don't they?

So, IF there is a shooting of the popiola, it would just be for the public appearances, to fool the stupid peasants, and bring about the Elite agenda.

Is it my imagination?

They've been using crisis actors all over the place, after all.

And isn't it the easiest thing,for the REAL popiola to be tucked away in the Vatican...sitting in his parlor, having high tea, and laughing it off, with his Elite friends?

Allat Goddess said...

I want to add, that hardly any one of us, will be seeing the popiola's face close up,the so an actor can be used easily. And vids can be used on tiv to show him, like the vids were used over and over on tv to show the 911 Towers going down....for shock value. Over and over and over.

In other words, I don't trust the MSM.