Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2015.09.19

Two awesome guests today, top Naval electronics troubleshooter, Dennis Cimino and Jim Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, provide a deep analysis of glaring deficiencies and outright mechanical inconsistencies of the airplane theories on 9/11. Whether the listening audience believes in holograms or drones in New York, these two experts prove why commercial airline jets played no role on 9/11, either at the Pentagon or at the World Trade Center. As Fetzer puts it, there are four faked crash sites on 9/11, using different means and methodologies, but all with the same result. Fetzer and Cimino have co-authored a series of articles on Veterans Today.

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Negentropic said...

All you need to prove 100% scientifically and very quickly that the official fable of 9-11 was a total fraud is:

Steel doesn't melt or collapse at the highest temperature jet-fuel burns.


In his purported demolition of the alleged conspiracy theory about 9/11, Ted Goertzel writes in the January/February, 2011 SKEPTICAL INQUIRER “But no one had claimed that the steel (in the World Trade Center) had melted, only that it had gotten hot enough to weaken and collapse, which it did.”

However, it turns out, according to reputable sources,no hydrocarbon fire has ever burned hot enough to cause the steel in a steel framed building to weaken and collapse either. The 1992 edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Protection Handbook(1) says that structural steel does not even BEGIN to soften until it reaches a temperature of 425 degrees centigrade, or 837 degrees fahrenheit, and doesn’t lose half its strength until 650 degrees centigrade, or 1202 degrees fahrenheit. And W. I. Edgar and C. Musse in their 2001 article “Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering and Speculation,” in the JOURNAL OF THE MINERALS, METALS AND MATERIALS SOCIETY (53/12:8-11) state that even with its strength halved, the steel in the World Trade Center could still support two or three times the stresses imposed by a 650 degrees centigrade or 1250 degrees fahrenheit fire.


Therefore, a collapse of the steel frame is out of the question entirely. The collapse of two steel frames in two buildings in the same day is even more out of the question. The collapse of two steel frame buildings into their own footprints in less than 20 seconds is even more out-of-the-question than that!

Many explosives would have to have been placed in two of the highest-security buildings in the world in order for the demolitions to happen the way they were depicted on film. Since no foreign "terrorist" or any other person could have possibly had access to the buildings for that length of time, it was an inside job by those who did have full access to the buildings and everyone in the media and government who tried to obfuscate the simple facts presented above is an accomplice of the perpetrators of this traitorous fraud on the world's public which led to the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan (for opium) and Iraq (for Jew hegemony in the middle east) and endless curtailments of freedoms in the USA.

Who perpetrated the 9-11 fraud? Those who own the media, namely 90% elite Jews and 10% assorted other non-Jew shabbos goyim characters who have to do the Jews' bidding or suffer the consequences being in a completely weak minority position (that is, if they were not financed by Jews to be front-men in the first place, which they most probably were).

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )

All the rest of 9-11 research--all of it--including "building 7" is unnecessary to proving the central fraud. You don't need WTC7 to have a case. Emphasizing WTC7 only implies that somehow if "planes" hit a building then it's perfectly rational for them to collapse entirely. No, it's not. Emphasizing WTC7 also implies that the Media was not complicit in the fraud of 9-11, since the media "caught" them in their "mistake." Unfortunately, upon examining the WTC7 videos and the fakery in them, it becomes obvious that these videos and the BBC and FOX pre-announcements of the WTC7 collapse were not "mistakes" but given as red-herrings to give credence to the authenticity of the images aired by the most untrustworthy source of information in the universe: the Jew-run media.

So, everything else done is 9-11 research is only one of two things: finding out how it was done so that repeat performances in the same manner become much more difficult and obfuscating how it was done so that repeat performances in the same manner and modus operandi (Media Fakery) continue to flourish.

But there is also a 3rd category and this is people who will bring you all the way down the Media Fakery road on Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon and all PsyOps done after but still claim 3000 death on 9-11 and worse, as if having learned nothing about how victims are faked.

Fetzer and Cimino are part of this 3rd category:

Two limited hang-out fear-mongering deep-cover shills pushing 3000 victims and "nukes" on 9-11. Cimino even demanded John Friend take the show they did together off his site because Friend had done an interview with Rae Re-revisionist of NukeLies-com and expressed skepticism over nuke weapons.

These two are not even consistent with their own No-Planer position in that they never subtract the people on the planes from the list of the mythical Jew-Media-Endorsed "3000 victims."

One image-roll debunk of both of these disinfo spreading clowns:

Hmmmmmm, they all "dye-ed" in the towers but somehow, somebody felt the need to photoshop all their images and most of them also went missing from the SSDI (social security death index) and none of them, not a single one, has a valid last address of record.

Show that to Fetzer and watch him run his mouth for 1 hour straight with supposed "facts" given to him by the government and media trying to obfuscate the issue when he's not writing hatchet jobs on Shack & Clues Forum at Gordon Duff's self-admitted disinfo site Veterans Today.

Basically, keeping the fantasy of "3000 dead victims" alive on 9-11 is Fetzer's job, as it is that of Cimino and now, the latest clown-shill, Rebecca Roth, who goes the Ace Baker route by making the ridiculous claim that "the planes were flown somewhere else and the passengers on it gassed" invoking, of course, the holohoax with that "gassing" garbage. Don't ever let anyone tell you that these not-too-subtle little allusions are all just "coincidence" and not part of the cumulative drop-by-drop subconscious programming.

Negentropic said...

Link for the first quote:

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks to Susan, Jim, and Dennis for all their very very hard, and often thankless, work. Has there been any detailed biographical info about Rebekkah Roth published?