Friday, October 23, 2015

8 Reasons Why The NWO Hates Syria


Don Damore said...

Mimi telling it straight on Aussie TV and blaming the problems of Syria on the US UK and Israel. Who can argue with that.

This girl is Syrian and might be Muslim, but she's white. right???

Negentropic said...

She is not religious and neither was her family, as far as I know. Being from a Moslem culture makes you no more of a zealot than being from a Christian or Buddhist culture. It depends on the individual. There's this misconception in the West that somehow all Moslem states force their citizens to be deeply religious. This is not true even remotely true even in Sharia laws states like Iran and Syria was anything but Sharia. Syria was a secular and economically successful "Moslem" state. She's no more Moslem than Zapoper is a Christian or Delcroix is Irish Catholic. She was born in Syria but brought up in Australia where she is a chemist by trade.

There is nothing whatsoever about the Jew religion of Christianity that designates "whiteness" on someone. Only retarded Christian Identity lunatics spread that absurd fiction.

For example, all Persians were considered not just Aryan, but the original Aryans, as far as the Nuremberg racial laws of Germany were concerned in Hitler's era despite being Moslem. It was because of Germany's insistence that the Persians were Aryan that Reza Shah, the secular and anti-clerical, pro-Hitler father of the more religious CIA puppet, changed the name of his country from Persia to Iran, meaning "land of the Aryans.

And if you read Hitler's Table Talks, which was fully authenticated by none other than David Irving, you'll see that anything positive he ever said publicly about Christianity was just for show, because he knew that centuries of brainwashing could not be reversed with logical arguments and common sense. In private, although he didn't think very highly of any Jewy Abrahamic-based religion, he still thought higher of Islam than Christianity, simply because it was more masculine and fearless.

Hitler also had the concept of honorary Aryan for anyone of any race who acted honorably and up to Aryan standards. The Jews who fought honorably in WWI were all made honorary Aryan. The Japanese were made honorary Aryans en mass during the war and those in Germany mixed with Germans.