Friday, October 23, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.10.23

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear Charlie challenge Flat Earth proponents 1h43m into the show, asking listeners to call someone standing outside at noon on the same longitudinal line but somewhere else north or south, and ask them where the sun is, and it will be at a different position, because the Earth is curved.

You really don't need to spend time addressing all sorts of seeming anomalies or uncertainties when you can do simple tests like this, unless this test can be easily shown to be flawed.

blake121666 said...

I don't subscribe to flat Earth; but that test doesn't tell you anything. Of course people would view the sun at different angles at different places on the Earth.

Anonymous said...

blake, on listening to it again, I misstated Charlie's position, recalling it from listening live earlier in the morning. What he said is to stand near a pole at noon time along the same longitudinal line as others, and measure the angle of the shadow cast, and it'll be different every time.

But I guess the same objection will be raised in that case.