Friday, October 23, 2015

Netanyahu blasted For distorting history

2 comments: said...

It serves the purpose of kissing up to Merkel and Germans, making the Palestinians look bad, while upholding the 6 million Jews were intentionally killed narrative.

It's like Jerome Corsi going on Coast to Coast AM talking about Hitler not dying in the bunker in Germany, but instead living out his life in Argentina. The when and how is opened for discussion, but it's used as an opportunity to reinforce the narrative that actually matters in terms of its control mechanism -- that Hitler was an irredeemably unique embodiment of evil and that he intentionally killed 6 million Jews because of an irrational hatred.

Christopher Marlowe said...

What FC said.

How does one engage in this sort of criticism? i.e. "What Nuttyahoo said was wrong, but the rest of that ridiculous holohoax story is correct?" Essentially this sort of news item is engaging in the false dialectic, and reinforcing the BIG LIE.