Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Prisoner 1967 - Episode #1


rodin said...

Twin Peaks meets James Bond lol

Been to Portmerion, No 6 was one of our heroes back in the day...

coincidenceskeptic said...

Patrick Mcgoohan, as star, writer, and director of many Prisoner episodes was the highest paid television personality of his time....$5,000.00 per week.
The Prisoner series and South Park are the only relevant programs to ever be put on TV...period.
Everything else is bullshit. Mind numbing propaganda, lies, advertisements and just plain old bullshit.
Turn off the TV...you will be much happier. And, your knowledge of reality will not suffer. Because nothing on TV is real....none.

rodin said...

Did not McG turn down the Bond gig due to morality concerns? A man WAY ahead of his time...

He turned it down flat. The role went to Sean Connery, it made him an overnight star and spawned the world’s most famous movie franchise but McGoohan – who cemented his reputation playing the Bond-like character of John Drake in Sixties TV series Danger Man – never regretted his decision.

A prisoner of his demons

While most men viewed Bond as an aspirational figure and most actors would have given their eye teeth for such a part McGoohan found the character contemptible and simplistic. It wasn’t just Bond’s cheapening of life with a Walther PPK which bothered him: he despised Bond’s attitude to women. He felt the same way about The Saint, a part he was offered ahead of Roger Moore and which he turned down for similar reasons.

“I thought there was too much emphasis on sex and violence,” McGoohan said in the mid-Sixties of the Bond script.


Conscience is a demon in newthink

Scorpio said...

Interesting history, Rodin - much appreciated.
McGoohan was definitely ahead of his time and 'The Prisoner' revealed many concepts kept hidden from general society.

rodin said...

Episode 1 featured flight termination for example