Tuesday, November 3, 2015

U.S. Invasion of Syria Begins

The US has openly committed to the invasion and occupation of Syrian territory. It does so with the intent of carving Syria up into a series of dysfunctional, weak zones to literally "deconstruct" Syria as a functioning nation-state. It is doing this unable to cite any credible threat Syria poses to US national security and without any semblance of a mandate granted by the United Nations. It also does so with the prospect of triggering direct war with nuclear-armed Russia in a region Russia is operating legally.
America's latest actions are a desperate move sought by an increasingly hysterical political and corporate-financier establishment in Washington and on Wall Street. Recent hearings conducted by the US Senate Committee on Armed Services have struggled to produce a credible response to America's unraveling criminal conspiracy aimed at Syria, particularly in the wake of Russia's recent intervention. The committee and witnesses brought before it, have struggled to formulate a response - however - no-fly-zones and US troops on the ground have been discussed at length.
It is a poorly calculated bluff. The presence of US special forces and US airpower operating illegally in and above Syria, meant to deny Syria access to its own territory will take time to implement. The official number of US special forces being sent into Syria is said to not exceed 50. Syria and its allies could insert an equal or larger number of forces into these same areas to essentially create a "safe zone" from "safe zones." Bringing America's illegal actions before the UN would also be a sound measure ahead of potential confrontations with US forces operating uninvited in Syria.
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Oona Craig said...

The whole US Army and Navy are criminal enterprises. Watch the interviews with Kay Griggs on youtube. Why do goyim military do the dirty work for the Jewish Central Banksters who have gutted the US militarily and economically? Are the Goyim Masons under the illusion that they'll share in the Jews' spoils?
Not a chance.
The Talmud calls it the "Jewish Utopia" (not the New World Order).