Monday, November 2, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.11.01

Seana Fenner

Kyle speaks to Seana Fenner of Odinia International. They discuss the importance of our ancestors, communion with the dead, connecting with the gods, the possibility of reincarnation, the role of Ragnarok, Seana’s recent articles at, and much more.

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Zeetip said...

Discussion thread about Gnosticism, focused on the interviews of John Lamb Lash on Veritas Radio and Red Ice Radio:

^ there, I ask the question:

"I'm fog-brained as to the relationship between Paganism & Gnosticism. Like, does Gnosticism fall under the broader umbrella of Paganism? Or vice versa? Or is there no relationship whatsoever? Gnostics seem to have a prophet in "Sofia", for example, which I don't hear coming from Paganists. Many White nationalists/preservationists embrace Paganism, as being the true religion of our ancestors; everything else (Christianity! all the fake history we're taught!) has been a grand joosh con."

^ you need to register at that gold site to reply, and that's a pain coz... blah blah but anyway I'd be grateful to see any discussion of the question here as well.

Scorpio said...

Zeetip - I tried to register on that forum but was never approved. :(

I highly recommend John Lash's book 'Not in His Image' for anyone interested in the above topics.

Zeetip said...

Scorpio, you should have been able to log on there, as of a couple days after we exchanged PMs there... coz I raised your problem in a thread about the forum's new registrant problems, and one of the mods said he'd just okay'd your username.

problem there @ is, mods got way overzealous in "preventing spammers from registering", and they (or "he", owner JohnQPublic) locked down new registrations to where he has to "approve" them all; no word on what his standards for approval are given all one needs is a username & anon email addy to register... but whatever the case, he doesn't appear to tend to the queue of new registrees at all, leaving said registrees in the lurch. True, there's almost never new spammers who post; but nor are there hardly ever any new contributing members!?!

it sux coz vBulletin has other, as effective tools to keep spammers at bay, including requiring that new members have 5, 10, whatever posts before they can post any clickable links or images in their replies, plus they can't start new discussion threads. This weeds out the spammers, and doesn't impede the flow of honest new members from contributing.