Monday, November 2, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.11.02

Will neocons crash & burn in USA's elections too?

Tomorrow is election day in the USA - but everyone's looking ahead to next year, when the presidential race reaches its climax. In the wake of neocon Stephen Harper's stunning defeat in the Canadian elections, many observers are wondering whether the neocons will implode in the USA.

Is the neoconservative movement - the intellectual force that brought us the 9/11 inside job and the bogus "war on terror" - approaching its Waterloo? Will the end of the Wolfowitz doctrine of the sole superpower, now officially dead in Syria, discredit the whole ideology? Will Netanyahu's ever-deepening lunacy hasten the collapse? Will the next American president put these guys on trial and hang them?

Here to discuss these and other weighty matters:

First half hour: Rolf Lindgren -political commentator and fan of Ron & Rand Paul, Galileo, James Madison, and WTC-7 truth - discusses the US presidential campaign.

Second half hour: Greg Felton, Canadian ex-mainstream journalist, celebrates - with slightly muted enthusiasm - the fall of the Harper regime, and tells us what it all means and where it's going.

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