Sunday, January 10, 2016

George Orwell's Animal Farm Part 2

George Orwell's Animal Farm Part 2


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Alexandros HoMegas said...

Orwell was a jew lover, Huxley got closer to the truth with Brave New World, the World Controller Mustapha Mond was a clear reference to Jewish and Crypto-jewish Power.

Zeetip said...

Y'all can DYODD on this, but I'd heard that a young Orwell was for a time, a student in the classroom of instructor & author, Aldus Huxley, of "Brave New World" fame. The two were certainly connected to the "right secret societies."

Both 1984 & BNY remain prophetic, of course. Why do you think "they" are knowingly & deliberately creating a chemically lobotomized army of dumbed down, uncreative, unquestioning autistics, via their "vaccines", fluoride (also the principal ingredient in prozac & co), metals in the geoengineering trails, etc? R.Laibow calls it "NEUROCIDE."

Are these 2 books, 1984 & BNY, still "required reading" in many high school curriculums? Or have they been phased out, along with anything "Logic/Critical-Thinking" related; & replaced by ann's F'n diary & the weasel's night? Coz the former 2 books used to be standard requirements; more "high school grads" than not had read them. Things that make you go HMMM.