Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Secret Teachings Radio: Corporate Symbolism & Climate Change Scam 12/6/15

We will be discussing Corporate Symbolism in every aspect of our daily lives and how it energetically affects us as humans. Ryan will explain how to utilize The Secret Teachings in examining current events from Climate Change talks and carbon taxes to Mass shootings. Ryan will discuss movie symbolism and the programming seeming from both politically and religiously oriented fields. President Obama's connection to Maurice Strong and Al Gore in the CCX will be broken down into the Club of Rome labeling humans as being the problem for global problems, and therefore it is the extermination and oppression of the profane that will fix the world of the oligarchy elite.

Note: I do not have time to edit out the parts where he is asking for dough-nations, so get acquainted with the FF button and use as needed. 

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