Sunday, January 10, 2016

German Perspectives on Cologne


Millennial Woes


Allat Goddess said...

Yeah! THat was OHHHHHH so much less than the Media reported. ONly 150-200 scum. ...Soooo, don't blame the islamics.

WHat about what's been happening in other cities? Germany. France....oh, don't mention south France, please...where the islamics have been burning cars and breaking store windows for years. You know, they're not that bad.

And what about what's happening in Calais. ANd the UK, Rotherham?
And Oslo, and al?

NO. Don't think about it, the islamics are innocent, of all crimes!

t brad said...

that was a stupid statment that broad made....a rape culture in germany......pff....nigga puuuulease.

Oona Craig said...

What's the problem?
Just give the invader-Muslims free cellphones with GPS and the addresses of the synagogues, parliaments, and central banks.

t brad said...

you musta not have listened to the show......her statement was directed at german men, not the moose limbs.