Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Happiness (Animated Short Film by Steve Cutts)


zapoper said...

The original video at Steve Cutts' channel https://youtu.be/e9dZQelULDk is

"Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)" and someone commented:

"Age restricted because society would collapse if the children saw such a commentary on adult life."

This is a good take on today's rat race. Thanks for posting Ognir.

Voltman said...

"A certain percentage of human beings throughout history, aware of being caught in cyclic periods of wholesale degeneration, have always instinctively felt the truth that life itself will never suffer the proliferation of human insanity beyond a certain point. The sole remaining question some of us ask ourselves these days is exactly what that point might be. In all human cultures, there have always been those who have warned people again and again that we cannot live on lies or thrive on degeneration. We have always been free to ignore such warnings, but we certainly have never been free of the fatal consequences of such ignorant decisions. Whenever human beings abandon the principles of reality for the foundationless hallucinations of egotism, willful ignorance, selfishness and greed, disaster must and will come to raze such illusions to the ground. This is as implacably true for civilizations as it is for individuals.

Mankind is inherently designed to understand what it means to live an honorable life. The suffering required before human beings freely accept this fact might be long and terrible, yet this reality must and will be made manifest. We may only shorten, or lengthen interminably, the quality and quantity of misery involved in accepting the fact that we are meant to become decent, reasonable and just. Humanity's age-old self-serving habit of offering meaningless lip service to spiritual truth is having very bad results. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, we are endowed with conscience, intelligence, free will, the capacity to love, and the commensurate responsibilities for manifesting these astonishing gifts we have been given. Spiritual stewardship includes direct responsibility for the right employment of all of our capacities, in every aspect of our lives here. There is no such thing as being spiritual, for instance, while blissfully ignoring the implications of the present cesspool civilization has become. This world is one House and the inhabitants and systems it depends on are woven into a single interactive web of life. All efforts to pretend otherwise, in order to avoid the strenuous difficulties of solving seemingly intractable problems, are doomed to eventual destruction.

The general attitude of obliviousness and refusal to regulate worldly authorities has generated a thick psychic fog in which malevolent forces have been operating with near-perfect immunity. Most people are still settling for a position of complete passivity in relation to the entire external world, as if half-watching a rather boring television show. Extremes of disgraceful behavior, manifesting everywhere in the highest levels of military, government and corporate power, have been accepted, or barely registered, or excused as "the price of doing business", or perceived as a disgusting display about which nothing ever can be done. Meanwhile, suggestively interconnected natural and human systemic failures, likely to be of immense consequence to us all, are perceivable everywhere, and increasing by the day. As it is, those of us considered "alarmists" are dismissed with a sad shake of the head as psychologically mal-conditioned doom-mongers. And far worse yet, many are now summarily categorized as "traitors" for having the temerity to observe and comment in public on various outrageously wicked, dangerous and idiotic activities underway in the name of preserving "civilization". When venal, frightened, hopelessly dishonest and secretive authorities designate the most thoughtful and concerned segment of a population as "traitors", we may take it as one more certain sign that the disintegration of dystopia is proceeding apace."

Juggernaut Rising - Part One: The Disintegration Of Dystopia
By Diane Harvey 2-23-2