Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Everything on television is policed by politically correct dwarves

Only one story is allowed: woman good, ethnic minority man good, white man evil

My own fault, I suppose, for turning on the television. Not an action I undertake very regularly these days, because I am trying to be a nicer person. Some time ago, Charles Moore wrote in his Spectator diary about a hitherto ghastly, bitter old woman who had suddenly become much more pleasant to everybody. What had effected this change? ‘I have stopped reading the Daily Mail,’ she explained.

So it is with me and the idiot box. I become so enraged at being clubbed over the head by the politically correct dwarves of death who inhabit that poxed machine in the corner that I stamp around and make everybody miserable with my ranting. Not just the news programmes, either, although they’re the worst. Every programme these days has those dwarves hammering away with cudgels at your head, frantic to get their fatuous agenda fastened deep inside your skull. There is never an alternative view.

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Dr Goebbels said...

I recently tried watching some Russian drama and movies. There are lots available on jootube with english language subtitles. They are a totally different experience! Even the older Soviet output is vastly better than what we are used to. They usually have a happy ending, make you feel good instead of rubbish and aren't pushing an agenda in your face.