Tuesday, January 30, 2018

News about Monika Schaefer 2018.01.30

I am pleased to inform you that Monika Schaefer is doing so well!She was allowed to receive her first visit now after about four weeks imprisonment! In total, she is privileged to receive the "right" to visit a full two hours per month! She has already received more than a hundred letters. However, many letters are not let through or it takes an extremely long time to check!
If you write more often, please number the letters, so you will notice something is missing. She also needs stamps to answer (70 and 90 cents). She likes to write back and also a lot! If you want to write Monika, you should make your letters as "non-political" as possible.For in the land of eternal freedom of expression and democracy, letters that go too far beyond the "political understanding" of a politically correct and thus only accepted human being are not passed through!
In general, after several weeks of detention, one can say: Monika Schaefer is "amazingly" liked by most of them! Of course, this does not fit the strippers and inquisitors! Especially "because" you can accuse her nothing more than a harmless apology to her parents, the measures of the "Henkerschaft" are all the more outrageous!
By all means they try to subordinate Monika "Hatespeach, sedition or terror", and yet can show no more than the fact that this is a respectable and unpunished woman who in a video quite harmless and non-violent in their parents Apologized because she stopped believing the "press" and instead went back to following what witnesses she loved and was related to had to tell her!
Monika Schaefer may sit in jail and pay for something that God personally declared human as the highest good, but their "adversaries" achieve only one thing with their ridiculous and inhumane propaganda: namely, that the whole world gets to see (and demonstrably ) which devilish god they serve and that what they do has nothing at all to do with law, law or humanity!
We, myself and those who think so, are still convinced that Monica's sacrifice is great, and yet very soon will make a decisive contribution to showing the world what "judges" and "hangmen" are doing here and on what basis they make their decisions!
Do not stop writing Monika with it. On the contrary: Start now really so with it! All those involved in their arrest should learn what it means to be ashamed! And that they have to, is an unspoken secret!
No deed remains unseen, no crime unexplored and no killer unspent! In this world they make us a lot, but in other worlds you are smarter! And even in "this world" the truth will come to light about those who have forced innocent people to ruin, surrender or crepe!
One day, "we all" will stand for what we have screwed up. And then I'm looking forward to the creativity of the apologies that will inevitably follow this inhumanity. And I already know that this will not matter to the one who ultimately judges.
It remains exciting and we are about to make a big breakthrough! Of course you will never read that in the media. Because the task of the "current" media is to take away your belief in a higher justice! Well, they can gladly take your faith, but not the effects!
A german girl

Translated from Deutsches-Maedchen.com

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Jerzy Ulicki-Rek said...

I did call German consulate today to find out if they have any news about Monica's fate but in vain.
I've been advised to write an email which I will do in few minutes.

I do feel sorry for German people who are suffering now under the holokaust industry yoke but German's and German's only could change something here.
So called "holocaust" is nothing but a lie and myth and all of us-no matter what country or nation do we represent have to stand up and fight this new cancer.
Jerzy Ulicki-Rek