Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.10.14

Brizer's guest: Frank Raymond, his YouTube, his Book

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Unknown said...

Hello, this is Frank Raymond. I mentioned the speech on free expression at the University of British Columbia by two professors, one being Ricardo Duschene. I forgot to mention that Duschene operates the blog " at

It is highly insightful and I recommend it. Cheers, Frank Raymond.

Liam said...

Good show Brizer, thanks mate. Thanks Frank Raymond. Totally agree with you an African / Asian in Europe will never be a Irishman, a Briton or a Pole. Question is, does EM Jones not get it or is he another pope-worshiping subversive. Is not the Vatican a pinnacle in the trinity of disorder with where the other 2 obelisks are located? Signs and symbols rule, for all to see with their eyes open.

Oh! Plenty of "prima facie evidence" to be considered to support my claim.

Liam said...

Please consider, academia for the last 100 - 200 years has been as much a mind-rape as the entertainment industry. Was Darwin a genius? Was it he or his father who stated Irish were the worst of the worst? Are doctors admitted to medical school because they are the brightest, most independent thinkers, or because they are readily mind-crippled to unconditionally believe and not question the allopathic agenda of cut, burn and poison as the trinity of treatments to aid and abet the academic agenda?

Liam said...

I am blessed, (be less), to have not had an academic indoctrination, but have observe the following generation of my family enter these academic institutions to learn and parrot, from their programming, that they are elite and better than any and all who do not attend. Is this not mind-rape and mind-crippling given the position many graduates are now in?

scottydog said...

Thank you for dispelling the growth (immigration) = increased prosperity bullshit. The only people prospering are mega merchants and wage slave plantation owners.

John Miller said...

Great show..
Check YouTube video : Barbara Lerner Specter and listen to what this extreme ugly &%#@ Bolshevik Jewess is telling the Swedish people :
We Jews are going to make Europe into a Multicultural "shit hole"

zapoper said...

WOW. Nobody here ever heard that before John. You're fucking brilliant!

John Miller said...

Thank you Zap.
You deserve a cup of coffee.

zapoper said...

Fuck you!

John Miller said...

WOW !!

Liam said...

GDF - Gross domestic farters, love the dual meaning of gross. But, which are more of a threat to the planet, cows or vegans and vegetarians who, maybe out number cows and fart far more than us fat eaters? GDVVF - Gross domestic vegan and vegetarian farters.

Liam said...

John, who is Barbara Lerner Specter? duh! Has that truth set me free?