Thursday, October 17, 2019

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2019.09.17 (The Fetzer interview only)

The Fetzer interview only. Full Hour Here And Hour 2 Here

BTW, there was no Fetcho Show today

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Red Orchid said...

Kevin Barrett has written an article in support of the American constitution and Jim Fetzer.

Albert said...

I mistakenly Wrote: BIRTH-Certificate Before! -- Sorry. ;-)

5 DIFFERENT "DEATH-Certificates"!
(Obviously At-LEAST Four WERE / ARE FAKE!
-- The Prosecution Producing the FIFTH-"DEATH-Certificate" Confirms:
That the two in Editor-Jim's Book WERE FORGERIES!!! ----- Dhuh!)

Jim at 80 is very very Sharp + BRAVE!

Folks are Supposed to be Constitutionally From-God Guaranteed the RIGHT to be Judged by-Their-PEERS

-- The Constitution was VIOLATED in This Case ...
As the Jury were Evidently: RETARDS ...

-- And Certainly NOT Jim's "Peers" !!!

By the way: I am NOT "."

-- You may TRY to HATE Capitalisation + Hyphens ...
But Even YOU Guys USE them, as it is NOT at all EASY to USE Italics etc!
(I think that I Read-Somewhere the various beginning and Ending CODES to Create ITALICS etc. but I never Noted them Down or Remembered them! -- Also, I Write as though I was TALKING, and, like it or Not: Conventional writing punctuation + etiquette DOESN'T very-Completely Designate: Either EMPHASIS, nor which words JOIN-Together in thoughts and which are quite separate!

Online TYPED "Conversations" + "Replies" Have MANY MANY Good-Folks on-the-SAME-Side: "Taking-Offence" ... Simply BECAUSE of MISUNDERSTANDINGS which Arise, for-Example: From NOT guessing-properly: HUMOROUS NOT BeLIEving what is Said IRONICALLY / Sarcastically etc. Replies! -- I OFTEN BEGIN a YouTube Comment where I am Imitating/Mocking Jews with: "Oy Vey!" and ALWAYS type: "HoloHoax" and 6-Gorillion, and Until a "Recommended"-Video REALLY-Stoped: "HoloHoax Denier" Comments... I had been typing: Auntie-Cement + Naaatseee etc. --- There are MANY words like: Hitler, Oy Vey [you NEED to use 0y Vey with-a-Zero NOW!] which trigger YouTube-Al-Gore-Rhythms to Now AUTOMATICALLY DELETE: your Whole-Reply!)