Friday, April 3, 2020

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2020.04.03

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Guest, Carl Herman. Callers in hour two.
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Panzerfaust said...

Fetzer's guest spouted the transparent deflection IT'S THE CHICOMS TRUMP TOOK OVER FED WHITE HATS Q talking points and threw in Frazzledrip mid-stream in order to emotionally condition the listeners for propaganda absorbtion. That's my take and standing by it.

zapoper said...

Some Americans seem to forget that this is much bigger than any President or Prime sinister. It's a global agenda. So far, nearly all countries are being told to implement virtually the same rules.

I think Paul might have been the only one that mentioned it a bit.

BTW. Brew would be a great caller on the Scorpio show and maybe even a guest on the Graham Hart show with Brizer.

zapoper said...

Yes Panzer, that show sucked. Bruce in Texas had good questions but got silenced because of Jim's big mouth and Bruce's reply to Jim about it.

Panzerfaust said...

That was me. I can't change my displayed name here (Joogle)o maybe I need to try again.

zapoper said...

I think that you might have mentioned it before that you were Bruce in Texas and I forgot about it. It's hard to keep track of who is who sometimes with all the pseudo names.

BREW said...

Listening to Deborah Tavares @ studio A ...

Listening to Tavares... I get nauseous. I fear she is right. It's like a knife in the gut, as what she shares conflicts with so many other that (are good) believe they got it right. [Even myself]

Panzerfaust said...

Listening to it now.

Panzerfaust said...

Q instruction sheet

KnownUnknown said...

I'm with Panz. This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever ever ever heard!!!

The depression will lead to a tsunami of child abuse and these morons are cheering it on because all the children are being emancipated???


Fetzer has lost all the marbles.

zapoper said...

ROFL @ Panzer's Q instruction sheet

The guy who came up with that one has to be a jew. LOL

BREW said...

We are all in unchartered territory.

There are many worse case scenarios at play.

Abuses of every sort.

Loss of homes & property.

Poverty on a mass scale -- Gerald Celente coined this, The Greatest Depression, quite a while ago. Celente was off in timeline -- it's a year early.

Food shortages - "Food Insecurity"

The Yews, Oligarchs, standing politicians & parliament members, will all benefit from this, as we've already seen many examples of their doing so, from the get-go.

BREW said...

Deborah Tavares put me into a foul, bitter, cynical mood. Currently listening to Vinny Eastwood, who generally annoys me, but he's got an interactive recording with 《callers》 bringing together observations from each of their areas and other input.

Panzerfaust said...

Yeah I lol'ed when I found it.
This interview was like Alex Jones/Jerome Corse trust the plan garbage with Dr Sousa Democrats are the real Fascist.
The appeal to credentials and avoidance of questioning was icing on the cake.

Zeebra said...

I forget caller's name but brilliant call re how much "bigger than killery/DNC" this CoronaCootie Plandemic is. It's worldwide ffs -- Fetzer's trying to frame it as "killery/DNC are behind it!" just made me SMH.

But Fetzer's actually got a long history of that kind of noise, since at least when he burst on the 911 Truth scene around '05. I still recall well, again & again, he'd be invited on the main alt media platforms of the time, & instead of launching straight into the evidence of 911 inside job, he'd start with a several minute long spiel about what a PROUD LIBERAL he was/is!! I'd cringe at how COUNTER-productive his framing of "who he is" this way, baiting listeners to frame 911-Truth as some kind of fake left/right paradigm thing... when the need for the audience to snap the fuck out of their LvR divide/conquer mind kontrol boxes was so foundational to their grasping 911 Truth!

Zeebra said...

TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Cover the Mnuchin-Run ESF and the Gray State Agenda

Billions For Wall Street as Americans Begin to Starve - The David Knight Show 4/3/20 #coronavirus

Carl Herman said...

Hey, I'm Carl Herman, the guest on the show. I read in the comments that my message has some distortion, so allow my to clarify and provide documentation:

1. I've warned from the start that Q could be a Psyop, and emphasize that on the show. Although this wouldn't surprise me, the evidence seems far stronger that Q is true, and White Hats are in command of the greatest human rescue operation in world history.

2. I've been a leader among writers documenting tens of trillions looted, the history and facts of monetary reform and public banking, and calling for arrests. Nobody has been more ferocious to attack the current system annually killing millions of our Brothers and Sisters through intentional poverty.

3. Fetzer has been a champion of many of our most important reveals beginning with JFK, and now including what, maybe a dozen similar topics of TOP GAME-CHANGING FACTS. He's a "Re-Founder of America" in my book. You might want to reconsider the context in which you write about Jim :) Not that we care. Attack all you want, if that's what you really see. We like challenges, and will take any serious questions directly. We can tell the difference between legit Patriots trying to discern objective facts from shills :)

Here's an abundance of article titles on this immediate topic with abundant documentation:

2-minute bottom-line to 3-hour full briefing videos: .01% arrests over 72 hours between April 1-10. ‘3 Days of Darkness’ to shut-down Internet/phones except Emergency Broadcasts + 911. Repeating 8-hour official televised briefings of .01% War Crimes + Satanist child-trafficking to follow

Federal Reserve nationalized? Treasury Dept through the President can now directly invest in infrastructure?? Is this the breakthrough with public banking and monetary reform worth ~$1,000,000 per US household???

9-minute video: MSNBC interview of senile Joe Biden demonstrates corporate media and DNC as zombie institutions: empty platitude-pushing liars from tragic-comic enslaving anti-leaders

Planned-demic endgame lock-down LAST CALL: choose either ‘his .01% story’ to hide lying, looting, murdering rogue state empire, OR ‘red pill’ objective history to arrest .01% psychopaths killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions

Got time for a Q/Coronavirus briefing? Two excellent videos: David Wilcock 5 hours, Fall Cabal 2.5 hours

36-minute video of evidence that Coronavirus is cover for mass arrests: gang arrests to prevent false flag civil war, .01% ‘sick’, quarantine ‘camps’ where sealed indictments are, General Flynn’s lawyer reports massive .01% child sexual abuse

Q-uarantine cover for .01% arrests? Or quarantine so Americans don’t compare 30,000-person Trump rallies versus 300-person Biden rallies to steal presidency with corporate media and unaccountable ‘voting’ machines? Or…?

3 videos: Q’s best spokesperson yet to explain, document, prove US White Hat capability to arrest .01% American traitors, looters, Orwellian-liars

13-minute video of Q’s promise to reveal, arrest, and end US .01% rogue state criminals: Biblical victory OR epic PsyOp?

6-minute video: non-crime impeachment, ‘Russia-gate,’ Q + FISA declassification? Until .01% ARRESTS FOR ONGOING LIE-STARTED ILLEGAL WARS OF AGGRESSION war-murdering millions & looting trillions, we’re sheeple herded by dicts

Q’s ‘Biblical’ endgame of Deep State’s treason in 3 steps? IG FISA report documents 51 LIES to obtain illegal surveillance violations; FISA applications declassification next, then .01% arrests?

BREW said...

Thanks Carl. Appreciate your input.

Today, Saturday, there were 2nd hour guests @ Inside the Eye Live, which will be archived here shortly, and they brought an entirely different perspective -- one that hasn't escaped me.

Then there was Rick Adams- today @ RBN, and his 2nd hour guest, Dr Day, where she brought a clear, straight forward, play to play of what we are seeing/experiencing, and that it is essentially the Bolshevik one world order, etc., take over -- it's the big play that is here to stay.

I'll post the Rick Adams- 2nd hour when it posts, though anyone can find it @ RBN site @ archives.

Carl Herman said...

You're welcome, Brew. Yeah, as Jim and I both see it: the blow-back is coming within a week or so if arrests aren't happening.

It seems we're at the endgame. David Icke was on London Real and absolutely BLASTED the lockdown. Like 2 million views. It's here, if you want:

Scorpio said...

Trust the plan!

BREW said...

1) Rick Adams @ RBN April 04,2020

Guest: Dr Day []

2nd hour of Rick Adams-, as Dr Day, provides a clear, straight forward explanation of what the goal/agenda is with the "Coronavirus" scheme, the who's behind it, how its playing out, and what to expect.

I find it difficult to be hardlined to any one narrative, as there is much going on, all at once, and the fact we know all too well the deceptions and lies and abundance of nefarious deeds the evil ones have planned and carried out, over the centuries. How or why should now be any different, especially when the enemy of our enemy may not be our friend, but the friend of our enemy [dual agents!]

Carl Herman said...

Well said, Brew; thank you.

Yup. The only certainty is we're being lied to. Hence my ongoing call for Patriots to include .01% arrests in their thoughts, words, and actions for OBVIOUS ongoing crimes centered in war, looting, and lying.

Tick-tock either way.

Enjoy the show?

It's not boring, that much is clear!

KnownUnknown said...

You're an idiot Carl, seriously.

"Treasury Dept through the President can now directly invest in infrastructure??"

So where is it? Show me where Trump has done any of that!

"we like challenges" - you absolutely sound like a shill, and a NLP weaponised one at that!

KnownUnknown said...

And STILL WITH THE FISA CRAP?? How many years has than been 'almost just right now ready to drop'

Along with that other moron Fetzer pushes that's all in on Trump all the time.

KnownUnknown said...

Enjoying the show??? Am i enjoying f#cking house arrest so you morons can gaslight me about how it's all Trump finally doing something?

Fuck you, sir!

Panzerfaust said...

Here here

BREW said...

Okay... tensions are high among the many if us. If it wasn't then, it certainly is now with the proverbial boot not just pressing against are necks, but applying pressure that has affected our circulation -- literally!

That said, there is no reason, or excuse to be calling names here at this blog. Elsewhere? Depends on the platform, surely, although name calling, vulgarities, out right disrespect for fellow contributors, whether agree or disagree, is uncalled for.

Read and listen to information, view points, angles, observations, references, etc., and discern for oneself, and share it with others if it's got legs -- right or wrong, as none of is are *right*, yet, as this game hasn't played out fully, therefore it ain't over until its over.

It is difficult to say that Dr Day @ Rick Adams- is wrong. It is equally difficult to disagree with Fetcho's 2nd hour guests.

I am currently listening to Dave Hodges, speaking with John Wayne @ - studio A, and is Hodges wrong, or on key on with his intel?

7:43 PM central-- hodges on now.

BREW said...

I don't mind boring, btw.
I do not like the thought of Food Shortages (insecurity), let alone that fact we may soon be experiencing it.

BREW said...

Carl -- Link to Inside the Eye Live

Hour 2: Shali Lama

Carl Herman said...

Ok, let's go :)

1. If you want to discuss what I wrote about the apparent nationalization of the Fed, please question or challenge what I wrote:

All you've done so far is quote a question I asked to incorrectly conclude a question = factual claim.

2. Yes, the FISA declass hasn't happened. You seem rather upset by this, and hope you get over it :)

3. Bro, please pay attention because my VERY FIRST post AND THE INTERVIEW already addressed your concern. Again: I've written from the start that Q can be just another PsyOp. I specifically warned it might have the goal to arrest Patriots. For me: Q is White House insiders based on coordination of Trump Tweets to Q posts, but that doesn't answer if Q is White or Black Op. Right? Obvious, yes? Ok, I personally conclude from the available evidence that it seems overwhelming that Q is White Hat Patriots. If you want to discuss this evidence, I'm here. If you want to just have your opinion about me, that's ok. That's what freedom looks like :)

Fire at will, Brother, if you have something seriously to discuss.

I'm right here.

Panzerfaust said...

Adam Green destroys the Qshit Trump fanboys

Panzerfaust said...

Fast forward to
Trump is neck deep in swamp people and dual citizens in finance, the MIC, and 9/11 from the HW Bush Administration through W. Among the mentions are the Carlyle Group and Dyncorp who was involved in child trafficking out of Bosnia. Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is Skull And Bones. SKULL AND BONES!

Carl Herman said...

True, Panzerfaust, true. It looks bad for those with eyes to see.

But you also know a faction exists who are like us, White Hat Patriots burning to expose and end the Evil. Imagine you were in the military with such assets. What would you do?

I mean really, what would you do?

Isn't it imaginable that you would quietly organize, and if you had enough of a faction, begin a counter-coup? Wouldn't you want to flip Black Hat assets ready for a "Scrooge Conversion" who didn't want to lose their literal souls? And what if we had help from our "older" Brothers and Sisters who already decapitated the more intelligent Evil ones working behind the scenes (for literal thousands of years)?

Thank you for being aware of our opponents' power. Thank you for warning us that their evil is real, present, and we have NO EVIDENCE yet for White Hat movements other than "hints" that might be more PsyOp disinformation.

We're horribly blind, Brother, yes.

Hang in there. It seems so much energy is here, the current lockdown will either break with White Hat disclosure or some new American Yellow Vest movement.

Do you see anything to do now, or just see what shakes out and go from there? That's what I see.

Remember: Jim closed his show with a promise I join: we'll be all over this with all our power, slight as that might be, if White Hats do not emerge in the next week. If we do have arrests happening, it's important for the public to hold that possibility so as to not interfere with military operations. I'm willing to give Trump until Easter. How much time are you willing to grant?

None of my colleagues have answers, Bro. We're like you paying attention and saying what we see. You're right: shit's real. I also see we're right to honestly say what we see, but to wait above the battlefield to plan our next moves. Fools rush where angels fear to tread. Jim and I literally have over 100 years' worth of academic study and real-world applications, but whatever, make your own call of what's best which is all any of us can do.

Answer the call for justice as best you can, Brother.

Scorpio said...

It's hard to imagine that Carl actually believes in this 'white hats' nonsense and even referenced David WIlcock as a credible source. Wilcock is a world class bullshitter...about as credible as Benjamin Fulford, another guy who pushes the 'white hats' and The White Dragon Society ninjas that are gonna arrest or assassinate illuminati members. Give me a break.

Meanwhile, back in reality, we are living under martial law light and giving away all of our rights while waiting for mass arrests that have been just around the corner for the last 3 years. I'm not accusing anyone of being an intentional shill but we've got to learn to filter out things that are obvious nonsense.

Carl Herman said...

Scorpio, Bro. You're welcome to whatever opinions you want, and I encourage you to follow what you see is best.

I'm giving Trump until Easter. How much time you giving?

And you have a plan now at this stage? If so, what?

If you really want to discuss Wilcock, Fulford, whoever, we can. I don't really, but can. I think the bottom line is that you totally reject a White Hat scenario as possible, and are looking ahead for the next move. I'm with you looking, but can't see much to plan. So. Back to my above three questions that I am interested in.

Scorpio said...

@Carl -

Trump already said that everything is closed until end of the month.
I'm not giving him any time because those arrests aren't going to happen.

I don't want to discuss Wilcock, I was just surprised that you mentioned him
as some kind of credible source. His list of bullshit predictions and nonsense is
nearly endless.

A plan? a plan for what? We are living under martial law light now.

Personally, I would rather talk about what is actually happening not hoping that
the white hats are gonna save us.


Carl Herman said...

Fair enough, Scorpio.

If you're right, you'll have allies when those of us with "White Hat Faith" are ready.

I respect your passion for all of us to pay attention to what's happening.

Scorpio said...

@Carl - good response.
I hope you are right about the above topics..time will tell
thank you

KnownUnknown said...

This is all sophistic nonsense. "i stated at the very start that I think q might be a psyop" yet the very first sentence in that blog post of yours is

"Q posted a link to a Bloomberg"

So your entire thesis is based on a possible psyop? I won't be bother with the rest of the garbage as it's prima facae ill founded - you didn't even come up with the stupid idea Trump is now the Fed head - hey genius you know he appointed Powell not himself right? - you let a possible psyop come up with it for you...

I'll call Carl a shill, just like Rolf is a shill.

Panzerfaust said...

Considering the money behind the Zionist machine being a disinfo shill in the alternative media has to pay well. Perception management mind fuckery from Alex Jonestein on down.

Panzerfaust said...

Qanon: The Storm Is Here

Carl Herman said...

Ok, KnownUnknown, you're welcome to your opinion. That's up to you alone.

And ok, Panzerfaust, you are welcome to your opinion, too.

And just so I understand: you're comfortable dismissing all of Jim and my consideration of available evidence, and now are comfortable to claim that I'm a paid disinformation agent because I mention Bloomberg, no matter what the whole background of my work with economic reforms might be or what the current policy is. That's where you choose to stand.

Unless I'm wrong, and you'd like to correct me, I think we're done here. We'll see what unfolds.

KnownUnknown said...

See the sophistry everyone? A shill is not necessarily a paid dis-info agent, can be just an ideologically bent jerk off.

And it wasn't for mentioning bloomberg, it was for mentioning Q mentioning bloomberg.

You're a fraud.

And you're still trying to sell your credentials re public banking when you've been praising Munchin as the saviour for public money! You're an idiot. Can you consider that possibility?

Carl Herman said...

KnownUnkown: I'll address the one fact you point to. Yes, the Secretary of the Treasury is from a criminal organization. You're talking to a leader in calling for .01% arrests.

But because you're not addressing anything on the policy or potential solutions, there's nothing to address for me.

Go ahead and pile on the insults, but I think we all know where you stand :)

Hey, any proposal of what to do about the problem we all face?

Jim Fetzer said...

Bruce had confused my guest with another "Carl Herman", who is a professor at the University of Houston and tied into Halliburton. I figured out he had the wrong guy and cut him off. What am I supposed to do? Let those who are misinformed and misguided consume irreplaceable time on the show? And you think you know what's going on when you haven't a clue? I am sorry, but the "big mouths" are here shoveling Mimi's shit, not on the air on my show.

BREW said...

good lawd- name calling is childish and...
Is childish not enough!?

Certainly there is something that all y'all can agree upon.

Panzerfaust said...

I'm curious about the request for no callers. To his credit Fetzer allowed them. To his discredit Fetzer rescued you from dissection. Who made that request Carl? You?

BREW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Panzerfaust said...

And who the fuck are you to make such demands?

KnownUnknown said...

Q bloomberg Munchin spells free dumb not freedom.

BREW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Panzerfaust said...

The show before last I pointed out your show takeover agenda and here you went and asked for exclusive access for Qshit.

BREW said...

Dear Bruce - you have proved yourself. Your trolling, antagonistic crap is a prime example to why AOL chatrooms went unbearable sh*t, after AOL made their chats Free and open to for anyone to join. Unintelligible, antagonistic, trolling harrassment bullsh*t.

《boo f*cking hoo》 Bruce is having temper tantrums in public, because he's not getting his way -- the others aren't behaving the way Bruce wants them to behave. Aww, poor Brucey.

Bruce, perhaps the ADL will allow you to take a refresher course on shilling, and whatever else that they attempted to teach you there.

While many of us are having our incomes disrupted, it must be good to be you, Bruce, receiving steady payments from the ADL, bagman George Soros, and the likes of the other bad actors -- Mr. Bad Actor.

Look -- that's as close as I will come to stooping down to the depraved, lower than gutter level B.S. you have been spewing within this blog -- it's disgusting, and for that, I am sickened for having to had dealt with this in this manner, as civil discussion failed horribly.

We are done, Bruce. I am done with you. If the moderators of this blog allow you to continue the way you have presented yourself -- attacking and harassing, then perhaps there is no solution, or resolve for anything. And yes, Bruce, I am aware that your pals at the ADL are reading this stuff and laughing their reptilian arses off, at us stupid, in-fighting goy!

Panzerfaust said...

So now you want the me removed at your insistance.

KnownUnknown said...

What's with the sobbing about "name calling"?

Isn't propaganda and mind control attempting to focus on some bizarre "possibility" that flies in the face of all observable facts much worse?

Does anyone honestly believe they've shutdown the whole world to hunt down some pedophiles hidden in tunnels under New York???

What the actual fuck???

Carl Herman said...

Thanks, Brew :)

Hey Bruce/Panzerfaust: I've been here the whole time if, and only if, you have any factual content to discuss. You chose not to do so, so yes, you should be given reasonable opportunity to upgrade your voice or be removed. The world and all in it is too serious a matter to waste our time on your distractions no matter what the cause.

Hey KnownUnknown, the key word you use: "believe". Brother, the problem in our world is that objective data should be the start for our consideration of reality. Only after a good-faith attempt to lay all relevant evidence on the table for all to see should we walk around looking from various angles to discuss what we see (believe) that the facts mean. And Bro, obviously yes because there is this whole show considering the possibility with substantial evidence, Jim and I see the facts CAN BE EXPLAINED aligned to White Hat victory via global arrests of an Evil embedded around the world for thousands of years.

You're receiving attention from us to try to help, Bro. Yes, please HELP US with whatever data you have and analysis for what you see. That's the whole point of these shows and discussions: presenting important apparent data with discussion for meaning that put past, present, and future into context. PLEASE: just consider, please, even if you don't recognize it, Jim and I really do have over 100 years together engaged in professional-standard academic work and professional experience. So far, the only counterargument I hear from you is that you can't connect martial law with anything White Hats would do.

So! Last call, Brother: we're all here hearing you :) If you want to present an argument with evidence that the martial law is bogus, we both have presented that evidence and hold that also as a rational explanation, and would be VERY INTERESTED in any further data points you have. Hit us if you have anything!

Yes, I know, I know. Gold-in-my-Sacks former CIO Mnuchin was a parasite. But Bro, you have no idea how hard I've hit those fuckers for over a decade. You don't know I have published research and communicate the call to arrest those lying looters among 2,000 Advanced Placement economics teachers. You don't know I've written this since 2009 with ~100 million page views and ~50 interviews. I'm doing my best. And I've paid the price by being fired 4 times for simply documenting objective data. With all respect, you should really know who you're talking to when you speak :) But that's up to you. All Jim and I care about are the data.

What you reject is the possibility that White Hats got the NSA and vacuumed all the data to arrest the Satanists. Then they offered choices to perps the same as always: turn on your bosses or face full criminal charges. Mnuchin IS PERFECT TO OFFER A "SCROOGE CONVERSION" to become a huge intel asset! You see this is obvious, yes? And exactly what you would do if you were among White Hats who avoided assassination and being fired?

But all that said, you're right. What we see is martial law and fear porn that is consistent with "one giant leap for Satan".

The fake pandemic will collapse. We're saying chill and we'll see what's next because rescuing children also will collapse if that is fake.

Can't help you more, Brother. We've tried. I appreciate all you do for truth and freedom :)

Scorpio said...

@Brew - Bruce isn't getting banned from this blog unless he
does something outrageous and he's not even close right now.

You went crying about name calling and then implied Bruce/Panzer
is a Jew and started talking about his 'pals at the ADL' and then said he needed
a 'refresher course on shilling' - lol

There is no evidence to any of this Q stuff, that's the bottom line.
If there is, I'd like to see it. All I hear is 'belief' and wild stories
that are unlikely to ever happen.

Carl Herman said...

Scorpio. The irony is you're commenting on a show with a guest who's written several articles with evidence that you fail to address. I provided a list of what I've written, and Jim continues discussing evidence with other guests. If you want a response, pick what you see as the strongest piece of evidence for Q, then attack that one piece. That's a professional standard response, otherwise all we have are arguments over opinions. Your call. Here's my top and latest three, including evidence this is a Black Hat move to tighten their screws.

3 titles:

Planned-demic endgame lock-down LAST CALL: choose either ‘his .01% story’ to hide lying, looting, murdering rogue state empire, OR ‘red pill’ objective history to arrest .01% psychopaths killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions

2-minute bottom-line to 3-hour full briefing videos: .01% arrests over 72 hours between April 1-10. ‘3 Days of Darkness’ to shut-down Internet/phones except Emergency Broadcasts + 911. Repeating 8-hour official televised briefings of .01% War Crimes + Satanist child-trafficking to follow

Got time for a Q/Coronavirus briefing? Two excellent videos: David Wilcock 5 hours, Fall Cabal 2.5 hours


And again, I also ask if you have any bright ideas of a response.

I also remind you of Jim and my position: the fake pandemic story will collapse to show us if Q is true. Time is almost up. We're with you in FULL POWER if Q is false.

We're allies for truth and justice no matter what you think, what you say, or what you do. We have our lifetimes of honorable work to prove our stand. Choose where you stand and who you choose to work with well :) Maybe that's all we ever have.

Scorpio said...

Carl - thank you for your response.
Articles written don't constitute evidence because
nothing predicted has happened.

I would just again caution you in believing that Wilcock is a credible individual.
Discernment is very important at this time.
I'm just going to leave it at that.


Carl Herman said...

And Scorpio, we're with you that discernment is vital :)

Each must evaluate factual claims, and you're welcome to reject what I see as important.

Reality always unfolds. We'll all see what develops.

Yes, cheers, Brother. We're all lost together :)

Og said...

so we are not sticking with the plan then, ok then

KnownUnknown said...

Trump is the new Fed head!! And what does he do with all that power? Honest money? Ends usury? Frees the slave children?

Nope. Pumps up the stock market! What a hero!!

There's some real evidence Carl you fraud.

Carl Herman said...

KnownUnknown: Leaving aside you have NO IDEA of my previous published work as a leader to expose and end the Fed, yes, you're correct that the "stimulus" helped almost only the "packages" of the big dicks. True that.

But Bro, here's what I think: you're very good at getting information that's accurate and important, but you're not that strong with reading and getting such info. If you were, then you'd know what I present is among the very best to explain the system we have, quantify the looting, propose viable and tested solutions, and demand .01% arrests for criminal damages to We the People in the tens of trillions. It's ok that you haven't looked. You don't have to.

I've also been absolutely honest among those paying attention to Q that this could be another PsyOp, and have gone the furthest I know of to directly warn Americans, INCLUDING ON JIM'S SHOW, that we should equally consider what we're seeing unfold is a Black Hat endgame.

If YOU want to reject the evidence Jim and I present that it seems far more likely this is a White Hat endgame, along with all the sources we consider, go ahead. If you want to double-down and call me a shill for Empire, a "Patriot fraud" trying to freeze Patriots with false hope (while somehow being a leader to demand full vigilance), an Operation Mockingbird asset, or whatever, go ahead. Hope you get value from it. YOU ARE FREE to think whatever, say whatever, do whatever.

That said, beware: get in the way of the commitments of the Mods for this public forum for upgraded conversation, and you might find yourself at the kiddie table away from the adults.


KnownUnknown said...

You haven't presented any evidence. I did. $AAPL at over 1.15 Trillion again while MILLIONS are unemployed.

Where is your evidence?

Maybe the mods should do something about your obfuscation and incessant reaffirming of your supposed credentials...

Carl Herman said...

KU: I have provided an abundance of evidence starting with my first comment of several supporting articles, including the one I copy for you below.

You don't know anything I've written, didn't look at any of the articles I provided at my very first comment, and now ask, "Where is your evidence?" with attitude.

Read this title:

Federal Reserve nationalized? Treasury Dept through the President can now directly invest in infrastructure?? Is this the breakthrough with public banking and monetary reform worth ~$1,000,000 per US household???

KnownUnknown said...

don't give this crap about what they "could" do when I'm showing what they ARE doing!

And as for your pedophile hunt bullcrap mind control, the corrupt as f#ck High Court of Australia just freed a pedophile priest that was the finance guy at the Vatican and our state actually managed to put in jail! There'll letting the pedophiles out not going after them. More real actual evidence not your sophistic bullcrap

Carl Herman said...

Ok, we're done here, KU.

I'm one of the very best to do what you ask: show what is being done to annually loot trillions. I have published research on "what they ARE doing" by The Claremont Colleges. I've shared this data since 2009 with ~2,000 Advanced Placement Economics teachers. I began the lobbying for public banking with Ellen Brown. And with ~100 million page views of my work, I'm content I've responded to you as honestly and generously as I can that you simply do not have an argument, KnownUnknown.

And you're welcome to your opinions and conclusions about the evidence Fetzer and I presented on this show, of course.

KnownUnknown said...

How does your research show the white hats are in control? It shows the opposite.

Carl Herman said...

KU: the research shows the history, mechanics, and two obvious solutions to those economic crimes looting tens of trillions.

The show Jim and I did present our evidence that what we're seeing is White Hat co-option of Black Hat planned endgame pandemic to lock us down, then shoot/"vaccinate" us down. Watch again if you want. I also provided several articles of my analysis of the evidence at my first post.

Come to your own conclusions.