Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Brizer Show 2020.08.03

Brizer's guest: Monika Schaefer.


Albert said...

Perhaps Monika -- being Such a Nice-Lady -- will "appreciate" my "Humour"-Attempts! ;-)

The (German)-"Naaatseees" ... 6-MILLION were all Crammed-together like-sardines all-standing-with-no-Room-even-to-Breathe ... Not "Observing" ANY: (((International-Standards))) !!!

and, then, in only 15-minutes ... they ALL: just Disappeared-in-a-Cloud-of-Smoke !!! ... Without: ANY Trace !!!

--> NEVER-"Again" ... can (((we))) "Allow" this Holo-Cough to Occur "Again"!

(Americans are ALSO "to-BLAME" ... because They: "Stood-By" and let Them: Protes... -- I Mean: Be ALL Crammed-Together ... )

From Now-ON: Each-and-EVERY: New-Generation MUST "FOLLOW" EXACTLY What:

The ((("NEWS"))) (((Politicians))) (((Banks))) ... and, of course (((bill-gates))) TELLS Them to DO ....

... No-MATTER How Ridiculous and "Contradictory" may-Be: (((their)))-"Eye-Witness" Poop-Centric INSANE-Stories of: Terror and Inhumanity !!!
--> OR "World-SAFETY"-"Recommendations" ... Enforced by: Police and Military !!!

• I DIED-of-Holo-Cough 6.. No 12 Times!

• My Mother Gave-Me "Medication-so-I-could-Live" ... I swallowed-it ... and Pooped-it-Out Every-day ... -- Here-it-IS!

• I was "Glory-Hole"-Masturbated-to-DEATH .... It was WHORE-able !!!

• Like a Rollercoaster ... I "Had-the-C0v|d" it got-Better ... then it got-Worse again-and-again ... ONLY the American and Soviet Liberating-"vaccines" "Saved"-us ... and "Allowed" us to Go Back to "Normal"(((Satanism)))-in-Israel !!!

• We were all just gathering-in-our-(((Satanist)))-Orgies ... and Then: For Absolutely-NO Reason ... we were ALL Holo-Coughed !!! -- Oy Vey !!! ... And I am ONLY-HERE Today ... Because, somehow I just-began-to-Walk-BACKWARDS Out-of-it! ... It was a Miwaccle !!!

• My "Beautiful"-Children were just: Torn-APART by the "C0v|d"!! and then it just LAUGHED !!!

• BOTH of My-Parents DIED-of-"C0v|d" ... 3-Years BEFORE-I-was-Born !!! :-o

--> Latest-Reports from "Scientists" (((Fauci))), and (((bill-gates))) ...

Now "Recommend": Wearing-Gloves, as-Well-as-Eyes-Wide-Shut-MASKS ...

While Engaging-in: (((Satanic)))-Orgies of Half*-or-MORE: Blood-"Sacrifices" !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

* There has BEEN a "Shortage" of "Goyim"-Children: Ever Since the (((NWO))) ... "out-of-Extreme-Necessity": "Locked-Down and FULLY-"PROTECTED"-the-Entire-World !!!

Albert said...

--> The ONE Good-Thing about: Wearing-a-Mask ...

Is that: WHEN Someone FARTS-in-Front-of-You ... while Standing-in-the-Checkout-Line ...

-- You CAN'T SMELL it !!! ;-)

Hang on ... YOUR-Mask ... DOESN'T STOP: FARTS ...

-- And Yet you Still BeLIEve it CAN Stop: "Con-vid" ?????! :-o

Albert said...

Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!

Monika YOU were soooo Naive !!!

--> Growing-Up in-CANADA ... Thinking that Canada: WAS the "BEST most FREEST-Country in the World" !!! :-o

--> THAT was "Actually" MY*-Country ... Silly! ;-)

(As Folks, Around-the-World, NOW: "Compare Notes" ...
It becomes All too CLEAR Now: That a GLOBAL-(((plan))) was "just" Slightly--(((tailored))) to Better-"Fit": ALL of Our: Formerly-Wonderful GREAT-White-Nations !!! :-(

* EVERYONE Else's are Definitely: Despicable-Scum ... But "Luckily" ... MY:
ARE: "Exceptionally" Very-Good, and "On MY Side" - Though ;-)

Albert said...

You "Put some (((chickens))) in-the-Freezer" just before the Show! ;-)

I am "Hip" to This NEW "Naaatseee" CODE-Speak ... too, Monika! ;-)

--> Over-the-Weekend, along with a few of My-Buddies ...

I Happened to: "Put some (((chickens))) into-the-Freezer", ... Too ;-) ;-) ;-)

An' I reckon that around 15,000,000 MORE: "Frozen-[[[chickens]]]" ... would be: Just about ENOUGH to ENSURE:
That the WHOLE-World would HAVE Plenty-Enough to EAT! ... for Pretty-well:
Decades and Decades and Decades ... well into the [NEW "New-Normal" ;-) ] FUTURE !!! ;-)

concretepigeon said...

Albert's lost it

zapoper said...

A long time ago.

concretepigeon said...

Albert ain't wrong about farts and masks

concretepigeon said...

Is ole' Alby a Toffee Chew ?

Albert said...


(((we))) May-Not be Able to Put-YOU in-PRISON ...

For "Denying" the Holo-Cough ...

(Yet! -- (((we))) like to Call them: "FEMA-Camps" ;-) ) ...

But we Certainly Can: MAKE You:

"Lose-Your-Job", and Have You Locked-in-Your-Home !!!

Oy Vey: Hang-on: THAT's for Those Who DO: BeLIEve in the Holo-Cough !!! ;-)

Oh Well ...... (((bill's))) "Vaccine"(TM) will "Allow" Everything:

To Go-"Back": To the "NEW-Normal"(TM) !!! ...

Where: "Robots" / "Ill-Eagles" (from the "Future"): "Took-Yuure-Jobbe" ...

You are "Pumped"-FULL of: POISONS (including: "GM-vaccine-'Food'"!) ...

And Trans-Fixed to-a-Screen ... NEVER LEAVING-Home ...

Or Ever TALKING-to-A-REAL-Person-FACE-to-FACE ...

-- Except-While-"Wearing-a-Mask", Trans-Parent-Face-Shield etc, etc, etc, ...

[and maybe: Through a "Glory-Hole" too ;-) ] !!!

Oy Vey !!! -- Have (((we))) Been Oh Sooo "clever" THIS-Time !!! :-o

Yes! (((you've))) ALL been: WAY tooo "clever" THIS TIME (((schlomo-freuds))) !!!

And NOW: "110" will Be: "Star-Gates" Situated-at-Sheer-Cliff-Edges ...

--> To "Mars" !!!

(Or even-Further to: "Jew-Piter" ...
[Yes! We've Now: "Negotiated"-THAT for (((you))) too!]
-- IF (((you))) PAY the "Upgrade-Fee" !!! ;-)

Albert said...

*We have Decided to: "Fast-Track" / "Warp-Speed" ...

The "Star-Gate" Development and IMPLEMENTATION Process ...

(BESIDES: "Testing" them First: on Mammoths and Bison ... Would be in-Humane!)

And HAVE the Military IMMEDIATELY: "Send (((you)))-ALL 'on-(((your)))-Way'!" ;-)

Yes! -- In the Beginning Development, Deployment, and Trial Stages ...

There May indeed Be: the "odd" ["Un-Intended" of course! ;-)] "side-effects" ...

[Of: "Difficulty-in-Breathing/LIVING" !!! ;-)]

But, like (((bill))) Gleefully-Chuckles ... "THESE will-be: "MINOR"* ...

And Like: (((madeleine-albright))) OPINED (I "couldn't 'Opine' on that!"):

Yes! WE Think, that the "Price" ["PAID" by the "chosens" to "Pay-(((their)))-GREAT-Debts-to-Society"!][It really WILL: "Pay-For-Itself" Though!] is WORTH it !!!

-- The BENEFITS-to-the-World-HEALTH Alone! -- Far OUTWEIGH: ANY "Down-[cliff]-SIDES"! ;-)

*What do you CALL: 15,000,000 "chosens" at-the-Bottom-of-Cliffs?
-- A GOOD-START! ;-)

Albert said...


Nasa-"Probes"* DISCOVER:

MOUNTAINS-of-GOLD, and a Strange Child-Like-Androgynous-Creature with:
(count-them!) SEVEN-Butt-Holes !!! :-o
On BOTH: "Mars" AND "Jew-Piter" !!!

And Both of Their "Atmospheres" ARE indeed Quite-Breathable, it Turns-Out, after-all!
--> ALL that was actually-Required in the End to Breathe-There ... Was LARGER and More-Hooked-NOSES ... than the "stupid" "Average-Humans" !!!

And, just like "Tang"-(The-Orange-Like-Drink) was Developed For the Freemason-"Astro-Noughts" ...
"3D-Printed"-Synthetic-"Goyim"-Blood"* ... Has Been "Specially"-Developed For:
The BRAVE and HEROIC World-LEADING: "chosen"-Explorers !!! ;-)
[*It's What's for: BRAVE-(((adventurers')))-Dinner!]

-- The "Special"-Sauce (To "Make it All-Go-Down-Smoothly"!)
... or Should We "Marketing"-Wise CALL it:
(((edward bernays*)))-Sauce !!! ;-)
[*The nephew of (((schlomo-fraud)))!]

The Marketing-Mantra of the NEW: "New-Normal" GREAT: (((disease/virus)))-FREE-FUTURE:

"Star-Gates" ... "If WE 'Build-Them' ... (((they))) will 'Come'!"
[and then, thus: GO! ...... FINALLY !!! ;-)]

* It would Seem: That the Ebil-Naaatseees: "After" Their: "Fina|-So|ution"
... Finally, Through-Nasa: "Delivered" on "Conquering-the-Universe"! ...

-- Only, oh soo "Fortunately" ...
Because of (((their))) "Special"-Long-Noses,
and Higher-"Intellect"-"cleverness" ...
"chosens" Get to BEAT Them: to ALL of that TREASURE, FIRST:

--> To "cleverly" CLAIM-it ALL for (((themselves))) !!!
"chosens" ... after ALL of (((their))) "clever"-Scheming ...
WILL indeed ... DUE to (((their))) "superior"-Intellect:
FINALLY "BECOME": "MASTERS" ... of the "Universe" !!! ;-)
[(((flash))) Ahh-Ahhhh (((masters)))-of-the-Universe !!! Queen-Theme!]

-- Yes! The NEW-Diaspora-"Frontier": Has:
MOUNTAINS-of-GOLD ... and ...
"Young-'Willing'-New-BRIDES" too, a-plenty !!!

--> ENOUGH for EACH and EVERY "chosen" to ACTUALLY HAVE: 2,800 [or MORE even!] ["Sex"]-SLAVES ... EACH !!! ;-)

DON'T Be a "Goy"-Sucker-SCHMUCK !!!!!!!!!! ...

Be One of the FIRST to: Get-in-at-the-TOP!
Get IN ... While the "GOING'S"-GOOD !!!

FINALLY: The-jews will "REALISE" How:

(((they))) indeed ARE (((their)))-Own "Messiah"

... For-"ETERNITY" !!! :-o

empty-head said...

Upset, what kinds of insane dudes are commenting their bullshit here.
No relation to the content of the interview.
...just been always not soooo good at school?

For the people WITH brain:
German people are terrorized by a totallytarian regime of globalists - resp. doing, what those guys want them to do.
We protested with several hundreds of thousands of people against it in Berlin.
Our government will have to retreat soon.
Think, it will get ugly till then.