Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stephen Lendman comments: Syrian president meets Russia’s Putin in Moscow

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Allat Goddess said...

Somehow I don't trust Putin. For all I know, he's probably the Pied Piper, herding the populace, very sweetly, into the way obummer et al, wants.

However, I must concede that Putin is a superior Chess player. Chess was blatantly developed / invented by the Elite, to play with each other, the methods, the plans and intents, they have to move and use Human Beings around, cold-bloodedly, for thek benefit of the ELite / Monarchy/"Nobility" (which is NOT so "noble", but scums of the Earth).
PUtin, who visited the Wailing Wall and wore that little beany

But, Assad, now THERE"S a man! No breakdown, no crying or tears. He has strength and continues.