Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.10.21

Prof. Anthony Hall: Harper defeat could expose Ottawa & 9/11 false flags

Join Anthony Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, to celebrate the fall of the Harper regime - one of the world's worst neoconservative criminal enterprises. (For details about Harper's ties to the global organized crime syndicate linked to gold price manipulation and other scams, see Tony's recent article "Barricading Canadian Democracy.")

Stephen Harper and his mob are also prime suspects in the Ottawa false flag that ushered in Bill C-51, the Canadian Patriot Act, as discussed in Tony's "Harper, the Ottawa Shooter and the Selling of War." Many Canadians, including Anthony Hall, were afraid that another Harper term could spell the end of Canadian democracy and the beginning of a full-scale neocon-fascist gulag state. Harper's crushing defeat at the hands of the Liberals sends a message: Canadians were not fooled by Harper's neocons and their endless barrages of islamophobic terror propaganda.

New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heir to the Canadian version of the Kennedy dynasty. His father, Pierre Trudeau, subverted the Cold War and is remembered as one of the greatest, most charismatic and free-thinking leaders in Canadian history.

But is even a Trudeau up to the challenges of today's political scene? Could Justin Trudeau crush the international neocon crime wave, and put Harper behind bars for life, by launching a real investigation of the 10/22/14 false flag event in Ottawa? And could such an eventuality help expose the long chain of false flags, including 9/11, that are killing what passes for Western civilization?

Anthony Hall thinks it could happen. I hope he's right.

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Anonymous said...

Harper's government did some good things -- repealed the long-gun registry, eliminated the mandatory long-form census (used by social engineers), cut taxes (GST/HST, new tax credits), but for me, his slavish devotion to Israel, militarism and partisan zealotry was too much. The Cons were my least favourite choice in this election.

mephistopheles lux said...

My main issue with Harper aside from turning Canada into a zionist neocon boot licker was bill C-51, but Trudeau also voted in favor of that.