Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The People Speak with Steve Johnson 2015.10.20


Guest: David Ray Griffin (Climate change)
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larry said...

The Jew finally shows his true colors said...

Once Michael Collins Piper revealed that he couldn't find any reference in David Ray Griffin's book on Cass Sunstein's Cognitive Dissonance memo to specifically refute conspiracy theories involving Israel, I became suspicious of Griffin, because it was (to me) an obvious deliberate omission.

I then started commenting on it on here, and one past commenter took exception to me seemingly casting aspersions about Griffin's true intentions, but that was because of the commenter's later stated intent to give White people the benefit of the doubt, until proven otherwise.

I don't care what background a person is from, but if I sniff out gatekeeping or worse, I'll call it out in the same way.

I had myself noticed when doing a search that Griffin seemed never to have mentioned the Dancing Israelis on 9/11 in any of his books, from what I could tell from searching online through the Web, Google Books and Amazon, and I thought that to be a case of deliberate gatekeeping, but until I heard about his Sunstein gatekeeping, I wasn't particularly suspicious of anything necessarily sinister.

I had come across this article where the Dancing Israelis were mentioned to him, and he actually claimed that they only indicate evidence of possible foreknowledge, but not complicity. But as I mentioned at the time, the very fact that they were dancing as Arabs in order to fool any onlookers, and that there were traces of bomb residue, is evidence of their and Israel's involvement, and I think Griffin, having a PhD, should be able to reach the same conclusion.

In the past month, it came to my attention about an interview that Victor Thorn of the AFP had done back in November of 2012, and in it, Thorn reveals how he himself noticed Griffin's silence on Israel, and e-mailed him about it, and got back a cryptic response about differing strategies.

Thorn pointed out a very important thing, which is something I have highlighted before, which is that since Griffin has written over a dozen books on 9/11, and has gone into great detail, yet omits provable aspects about Israel, it is a big red flag, in the same way that Michael Rivero attacking people for saying that Flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon is a red flag, or how his site is called What Really Happened, yet when he gets on Coast to Coast AM three times, he never once mentions Israel.

I can now confidently say that, in my view, Griffin is deliberately gatekeeping mention of the Israeli Jewish involvement for unwarranted, sinister purposes, though I will reserve public judgment as to whether he is acting as a deliberate disinfo agent.

Lute Phisk said...

smells like ratt shit to me

Lute Phisk said...

99.9% of alternative media are gatekeepers...i only trust zap: tim rifat : da dik dik:

its entertainment people : entertainment said...

5 minutes in, he talks about the climate denial movement. What the... They used to call it global warming, and had to change it to climate change, when the Earth wasn't continuing to heat up after 1998, and there is always climate change taking place. Who the hell denies climate change? It's just like the bogus term AIDS denier. No one is denying that there is a government-created syndrome of previously known diseases known as AIDS that people are dying from.