Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Prolong This Ugly War? U.S. Airdrops Weapons to Terrorists in Syria

CNN reports: “U.S. military cargo planes gave 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups overnight in northern Syria, using an air drop of 112 pallets as the first step in the Obama Administration’s urgent effort to find new ways to support those groups.”
Over 250,000 Syrians are already dead. Over 2 million are refugees. Why are the leaders of the United States so determined to keep this ugly war going? 
Many of the fighters, seeking to overthrow the Syrian government by kidnapping, torturing, bombing, are not even Syrian. From Syria’s Turkish and Jordanian borders, extremists from throughout the region and the world have been amassing and crossing over into a previously peaceful country, armed with US made weapons.
ISIS emerged from among the mass of violent takfiri extremists who have been armed, trained, and funded by the US and its allies. The horrors of ISIS are made possible by continued US flow of arms to extremists.
With an end to this war finally in site, why are the leaders of the United States now air-dropping more and more weapons to Anti-government, extremist forces?
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*U.S. supplies anti-tank missiles to Syria militants in Aleppo  

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