Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.03.28

Today I expounded on the debate yesterday with Mike Kelley.

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Max Igan - Participating In Your Own Salvation - American Voice Radio - 03/23/12

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.03.28

Guests Peter Niese

Peter joins John and discuss constitutional law and what exactly is being done in the legal system when it comes to criminality, justice, and liberty.

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Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2012.03.28

"Modern Money Theory and Private Banks" with Stephanie Kelton and Michael Hudson at the economic Summit On Modern Money Theory in Rimini, Italy. Functional finance; business cycle; real costs of unemployment; sovereign currency versus fixed exchange rates and the gold standard; macroeconomic policy; fiscal policy; vulture banks; Latvia as the standard for Europe under neoliberalism.

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The Real World of Money – Andrew Gause 2012.03.28

He Who Monetizes Debt Makes the Rules….For Now

We start the show with an update on one of the largest brokerage houses in the world, MF Global, as the plot thickens on who done it. And more, such as:

-Never mind paper gold or silver, are your digital dollars secure where they are at this moment in time?
-Post it on your fridge: Andy’s BIG 3 Rules of Money
-Hear Andy’s analysis of the Supreme Court and O’bama care and the U.S. Constitution
-Oops! Some told bars are not…
-What is at the top of the to do list at the Secret Service Offices around the world?
-Fascinating tale of the difference between proof coins and uncirculated coins
-Follow up questions on The Crime of 1873
-The money bomb The boys dropped on Iran
-Central planning is what these people do
-The Fabian Socialist is not a 50’s rock star
-What is the genesis of “Hammer stoutly and pray devoutly?”
-PIGS update and summer in Spain will be a hot one for sure
-Mario Draghi pushes on a string and the coming inflation in Europe
-Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day – the fallout?
-“Just say No” and get to know your County Sheriff
-The results of Operation Twist and Bernake score card
-A Canadian makes a valiant effort in arguing the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York, the bank of issue is not privately owned.
And as always, a lot more from Andy Gause

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.03.27

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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.03.28

Obamacare defense called 'train wreck' for White House. Kagan Defies Judicial Ethics and Sits on Obamacare Case. Romney: Uninsured with preexisting conditions should be denied coverage. It's Official - The Fed Is Now Buying European Government Bonds. Bernanke Claims That The Fed Has Averted A Second Great Depression By Bailing Out The Too Big To Fail Banks. BREAKING NEWS: CFTC Obstruction of Justice Exposed - Euro Fraud is JP Morgan Fraud. 2012 the year of the short sale - Short sales over 50 percent of all MLS inventory in Southern California. Beware of costs like PMI, HOAs, and Mello-Roos. Medvedev: GOP Should `Check Their Clocks From Time To Time,' It's `Not The Mid-1970s'. JetBlue captain subdued after erratic behavior on flight. City of Boston Loses Landmark Case Against Man Who Recorded Police Brutality.

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David Duke Show 2012.03.28

Today: Dr. David Duke discuss the Toulouse shooting with Dr. George Martin, French intellect. Fascinating interview with a knowledgable authority on political trends in Europe.


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Spingola Speaks 2012.03.28

Guest: Billy Marse

B. Billy Marse talked about the American holocaust during which the greedy industrialists stole massive amounts of land in what is known as the Dust Bowl, an oil-rich area. To do this they had to eliminate at least 7.5 million people.

Billy's web sites are:

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Corbett Report Radio 2012.03.27

Corbett Report Radio 098 - Nullifying Our Way Out with Tom Woods
In this age of the NDAA and the Patriot Act and other liberty-destroying "laws", what are concerned citizens to do when writing letters to Congress or staging protests becomes ineffective? Tonight we talk to Thomas Woods of about the suppressed history of nullification, the process by which states can refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws.

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C2C - 2012.03.25

Odd Disappearances

Date: 03-25-12
Host: George Knapp
Guests: David Paulides
George Knapp was joined for the full four hours by David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist, for a discussion on a series of weird and odd disappearances in U.S. national parks and forests that no one can explain. "Only the top 15 people in the Parks Service know what we are talking about," Paulides said about the hundreds of mysterious vanishings that have occurred at these locations. Acknowledging that animal attacks and accidents do occur in the forest, he contended that these disappearances are different because they leave no clues to suggest such prosaic explanations. Over the course of the evening, he detailed instances where people vanish within minutes, never to be seen again, and where bone fragments of victims were found, as if they'd been eaten, yet their clothes have been carefully removed.
One bizarre trend amongst the cases is that the victims appear to travel a vast distance or into a location which should be physically impossible to reach. To that end, Paulides detailed the story of a two-year-old boy named Keith Parkins, who vanished near Umatilla National Forest. The child would eventually be found an astounding 12 miles away after being gone for only 19 hours. The journey, Paulides said, would require the toddler to venture over two mountain ranges, as well as fences, creeks, and rivers. The case, he revealed, is just one of many where children disappear and are later found "several hundred percent" outside of the grid system carefully designed by search and rescue teams. Additionally, Paulides noted that there are some rare cases where, after tracking dogs have led rescuers to a large river, search teams will explore the other side and "miles away, they find the kid."
While Paulides was reticent to offer a specific theory as to what is behind this rash of disappearances, he did observe that the DNA of children is more pure than adults, which may suggest some kind of alien abduction scenario. He also cited a common theme of these cases where it will snow or rain following the disappearance, but the victim will later be found wearing dry, clean clothes and "there's no way they had been outdoors." Beyond that, children who have gone missing, and then returned alive, recall encounters with wolf-like creatures or a bear that "cuddled with them all night." Compounding the mystery, Paulides said that, in several instances, people have disappeared at locations with "devil" in the name, which may indicate that these places have a long history of sinister events attached to them.

    Book(s): Missing 411       The Hoopa Project: Big Foot Encounters in California
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      Undercover Police & Drugs

      Date: 03-21-12
      Host: George Noory
      Guests: Ted Sumner, Dr. Peter Breggin
      Former undercover police officer with the San Jose PD, Ted Sumner, discussed his work under deep cover infiltrating various drug trafficking organizations, and why he believes the War on Drugs is making things worse for the United States. Back in the early 70s, the street drugs were softer, prescription drugs were over produced and sold on the black market, and there weren't that many overdoses, he noted. But in 1974, after Nixon declared the War on Drugs, methamphetamine sold by groups such as the Hells Angels emerged, and things just snowballed from there, he said. The War on Drugs costs $100 billion a year to conduct but the "problem is just getting worse," he commented, adding that he thinks it's one of the biggest failures the US government has ever embarked on.
      Law enforcement and the penal system are structured around drug enforcement (with a large percentage of cases involving marijuana related crimes), so they have a vested financial interest in keeping this system going-- even though some prominent former law enforcement officials support legalization like Joseph McNamara, who is involved in Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Sumner detailed.
      Sharing tales of his career as an undercover cop, he got his start ferreting out drug dealers in the mid 1970s, posing as a high school student. Over the years in his undercover capacity, Sumner got involved with a lot of a wild characters, like a major dealer named "Old Man Richard." In one instance, when he went to make a buy, Richard's cohorts held a gun to his head, and insisted that he shoot up. Some undercover agents suffer from a loss of identity and end up becoming more like the crooks than the cops, he revealed. Sumner also talked about his long standing interest in the Japanese martial art of Kenpo.

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