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X Y Z vs Gaza

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2012.12.05

The Magic Happens in Money Creation When We Look the Other Way Toward the Crisis Du Jour

We start off the show with “Fiscal Cliff” update from the Andrew Gause’ perspective.

-Cutting tax deductions is a tax. If it walks like a duck….
-Greece’s problems started when The Boys set them up in their System in 1948
-The underground economy is growing
-Living in a fish bowl without becoming fish food is going to take more and more creativity indeed.
-Changing the CPI and other fairy tales to a wider work of fiction
-In 1913 many were paid in real money, i.e. a 10 dollar gold piece for a weeks work
-Thinking of leaving the Country with your money? There’s an entry fee when you want to come back.
-New Social Security report gives us some interesting numbers that we talk about
-How has Germany kept its manufacturing all these years?
-Andy says the USG should pay people to work rather than sit home
-China has embraced the American Model
-Using gold and silver as leverage for a home loan or?
-USG will not confiscate 401K’s as many predict. Most will give them up willingly
-We the people owe the Social Security Trust Fund 3 Trillion Dollars. How’d that happen?
-The Stealth bailout revisited in the Fall of 2008
-The power of the NY Fed and their ability to print and spend is astounding
-Will there be a huge stock market sell off before years end?
-Banks soon will list gold as cash according to Basel III
-The Fed is creating 85 Billion Dollars a month ongoing, aka Q Eternity

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The Morning Show with Patrick Timpone 2012.12.04

Dr. Stanley Monteith – Killing Christianity and Depopulation: On the Agenda of the New World Order

Dr. Stanley Monteith – Killing Christianity and Depopulation: On the Agenda of the New World Order

Dr. Stanley Monteith practiced orthopedic surgery in Santa Cruz for 35 years. During that time he developed a great interest in history and studied extensively, taking the time to go through the personal papers of many people who charted the course of history. He is the author of AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, and his video, The Brotherhood of Darkness, was also made into a book.

In 1994 he retired to devote full time to passing on the knowledge he had gained to the American people. He chose radio as a means of disseminating the information and now currently spends 5 hours live every weekday on radio. The programs can be heard on the Internet at

Dr. Monteith talks with Patrick about a One World Government and it’s quest to kill Christianity and depopulate the earth. He walks us through the agenda of the Trilateral Commission and how our leaders are chosen, not by the people, but by the Elite and covers the Zionist-Jesuit link and the Georgia Guidestones. Interesting interview.

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Spingola Speaks 2012.12.05

Guest: David Livingstone, author or The Dying God, a History of Western Civilization and Terrorism and the Illuminati, a Three Thousand Year History

NOTE: Deanna and the callers roasted Livingstone over his dis/mis information included in his writings.

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David Duke Show 2012.12.05

Today: Adrian Salbuchi is guest hosting.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.12.05

The abuse of workers in the Industrial Revolution, Part 2

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Keith Johnson's Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast Dec 4, 2012

Join Keith as he gives another nut-punch scrotum-crunch to Da-Jews.



Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.12.04

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - George Filer - MUFON UFO Report

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Lindsey Williams - Insider Reveals Shocking Next Four Years

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jordan Maxwell - A Conversation With The Legend

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Live Free Or Die Radio 2012.12.04

The Jones operation. Who exposes whom? Shills, gatekeepers, goblins and smurfs in the "Alternative" media. Lee also tackles news, current events and takes calls.


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Race and Genetics – Part 1-4, 2012.12.04

A review of the history of the science relating to human biology, genetics and race. From the 1600s, when what we now recognize as science was first taking shape, we track the thoughts of a series of eminent, distinguished White thinkers who accepted the biological reality of race as part of the reality of life that they observed and were determined to understand and explain.

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