June 22, 2015

Paris Shooting Hoax


The Debate - Greece debt crisis


Robert Reyvolt's Incendiary Radio 6/21/2015

Robert Reyvolt and Kyle Hunt discuss The Charleston Church Shooting.




The Only Way Forward In 2015

If there is to be any hope for this country and the rest of the world, it will lie in the ability for individuals who are part of the masses to put away differences and work together. This idea is not a “We Are The World” pie-in-the-sky “let’s all hold hands and love each other” ideal. It is the concept of Enlightened Self-Interest and Enlightened MUTUAL Self-Interest.
Peace and harmony is the ideal. Friendship, understanding, and compassion between races is also a noble goal. But, in the absence of the ideal, we must be willing to accept a mutual understanding that our own self-interest is inextricably linked. No one is demanding that you like one another. But we must begin to recognize common interests, setting aside differences at least temporarily, before we lose everything.          ***Read full article here***

David Duke Show 2015.06.22

An extremely passionate discussion on race war bullshit and the fascinating ways that you can spin the exceptionally skillful shooting in Charleston.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.06.22

The American Revolution and the central bank facto

All Nationalist Association
American Nationalist Network (BlogTalk)


The CIA-Wikileaks-Assange Game, Brandon Turbeville on Al Etejah June 20, 2015

Brandon discusses the recent "limited hangout" Wikileaks release and the Saudi involvement with terrorist in the region.

No Agenda Episode 732 - "Psych!" - 2015.06.21

TODAY; Eugenics; EuroLand; Bank$ters; Storm Roof; Agenda 21; Gitmo Nation; Rubblization; CYBER!; SCIENCE!; GOLD; SnowJob; Caliphate!; Vaccine$; BUGS!; NGO's; F-Russia; Transracial; Obama Nation; Ministry of Truth; 2TTH; MIC, and all your usual listening whilst watching the Greek Debt Crisis reach it's Planned finale' as Thousands mark the summer solstice at Stonehenge favourites.

The Sunday Show.