May 30, 2014

Hidden in plain view

My Nephew brought this poster home from school today. Do you see the message?

David Duke Exposes jew, Charles Schumer, and jew Activities
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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.05.29

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David Duke Show 2014.05.30

Dr. David Duke today interviews Paul Eisen a Jew who powerfully confronts the huge dangers of Jewish extremism to the world. In an incredibly insightful and thoughtful presentation he gives a riveting narrative of the hypocrisies of Jewish extremism and Zionism as simply one of the many expressions of it. He shows that even many of the leading so-called ant-Zionist Jews are actually Jewish tribalists who support many of the most horrific aspects of Zionism and cover up the real dangers of Israel ad Jewish global influence Paul Eisen is a courageous Jew struggling to come to terms with the enormous implications of being Jewish, an exceedingly brave and honest individual conflicted, yet pursuing truth where ever it leads!. Today's show is an incredible broadcast that can't help but make a powerful impact on every listener. Share this show with your loved ones and with the world!

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9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed

This is a great video that follows the money behind the 9/11 false flag attack

Farm Bureau: Proposed EPA water regulations won’t exempt farmers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed modifications to the Clean Water Act definitely will expand the federal government’s regulation of agriculture land uses, according to Donald Parrish, senior director of regulatory relations for the American Farm Bureau Federation. That’s despite EPA statements that existing exemption for agriculture operations will remain intact.
“The EPA is sticking to their talking points. They’re saying they’re not expanding jurisdiction, Parrish said. “But for the first time ever, EPA is defining ditches as tributaries. This really does blur the distinction between land and water. And Congress didn’t intend that.

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 As far as I know, most towns in America have land marks with high water marks of past floods. 

Back in the 17th-18th century the old money British Jews used this to bring maritime law onto the land and rape and pillage as they pleased. They called themselves privateers and with a letter of marque from the king it was all perfectly legal.  

Now they call themselves the Environmental Protection Agency and now that they have their letter of marque from king Obama they can rape and pillage at will again.

Widespread Memorial Day Black Violence Ignored by National Media

Black Beach Week used to get all the glory: Every Memorial Day weekend, 300,000 black people gathered in Miami Beach to get their freak on. And also create a tsunami of violence, robbery, shootings, carjackings, vandalism, mayhem, noise and trash.

But this year, many party-goers complained that Black Beach Week — only reporters call it “Urban Beach Week” — just wasn’t as much fun any more: Too many cops, tactical vehicles, helicopters, lights, towers, cameras, suspicion. Not enough chaos.

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Here's some examples in my area, no mention of Black Beach Week, no pics of the chimp out in action (Except at a distance) and no reports of black on white hate crimes.,0,2505324.story

Eurosceptics Revolt!

NoAgenda Episode 621 - "Gun Extremists" - 2014.05.29

Curry and Dvorak. Clooney and Snowden. Circle Jerks.

The Thursday Show.
George Clooney, George Clooney, George Clooney...Is a Spy!


Edward Snowden Censored 9/11 & Boston Bombing Segment On NBC. Win or Fail?
I say FAIL. What do you say? Please comment.