March 24, 2013

Die Drachenhöhle with David in Texas 2013.03.24

David in Texas continues with Mike’s 3-21-13 Show Topics – I will continue with the Theme of Mike’s 3-21 topics: More on Gun Control, the Lies of National Socialist Gun Grabbing & Lincoln’s Bizarre Anti-Secession Arguments.

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The Piper Report 2013.03.24

Mike Piper continues the discussion, with guest Mark Glenn, on the ramifications of the new pope.

Mike Piper



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Robert Stark Interviews Anthony Migchels 2013.03.20

Robert Stark interviews interest-free currency activist Anthony Migchels. His website is Real Currencies.
Topics discussed include:
  • The essence of capitalism 
  • Satanism as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism plus rituals
  • How the wealth of monopolies is based on a lie
  • The Catholic arm of usury and libertarianism
  • The intellectual framework of the great hoax known as libertarianism
  • The basic ideas of Keynesian economics
  • The “End the Fed” movement as false front
  • Public Banking as not interest free
  • The Yaka Bank of Sweden; its four principles
  • Usury as prohibitive of long term investment
  • The affiliation of anti-usury movements with anti-Semitism

Robert Stark
Anthony Migchels


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Owners of the Federal Reserve

Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin          ***HOW JEWS CONTROL WORLD ECONOMIES***
Lazares Brothers Banks of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy
Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York

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Renegade Roundtable 2013.03.23

Renegade hosts discuss their plans for an organization with unity, strength, and honor, which will achieve victory.

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