June 01, 2015

Spingola and Friends 6/1/2015

Deanna talks more about Germany and the aftermath of WWI.

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Overthrow Radio Network: Paul Angel and Dave Gahary will be discussing various news and history topics 6/1/2015 - History Today radio talk show

On this Memorial Day edition, your host Paul Angel, managing editor of The Barnes Review revisionist history magazine, and Dave Gahary will be discussing various news and history topics.
In honor of the troops who fought and died for America and the real causes of war and the forces behind war and whether or not any of the wars in which America has engaged over the past 200 years have been in any way necessary or to the benefit of the people of this nation. We will be discussing War of 1812, Spanish-American War, Civil War, the World Wars, Vietnam War and the War on Terror and how those that pay the greatest price in wars are ones that benefit the least.

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The Debate - Arming militants in Syria


Blacklisted Radio 2015.05.31

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.


In this weeks show Doug focus's on the DOD report proving that the US government is primarily responsible and gave material support to ISIS to ouster Syrian President Assad. Calls, analysis, and other thoughts on the world we live in today are also included in this broadcast.



Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.06.01

9/11 truth filmmaker Art Olivier targeted by FBI sting operation

Art Olivier, producer of the 9/11 truth thriller Operation Terror, appears to have been targeted by an FBI sting operation.

Art has been on the terror watch-list for years – they give him the business every time he flies, complete with extra-severe gropings and hardcore FBI interrogations. But now they're going even further: Sending dicey Iranian exiles to harass him with proposals like, "Hey Art, would you mind smuggling these here electronic devices to Iran next time you go?" If Art had said the wrong thing, WHAM! He's under arrest and the headlines read: "Conspiracy Filmmaker Busted Smuggling Nuclear Triggers to Tehran."

Fortunately Art is not the idiot the FBI apparently thinks he is.

In this interview Art tells the whole story. He also offers a critical view of paranoia-pill-pusher Alex Jones, whose handlers won't let him advertise Art's movie at any price, and whose adrenaline-addict audience ought to go cold turkey and change the channel.

Art Olivier is the former mayor of Bellflower, California, and Libertarian candidate for governor of California and Vice President of the United States.

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David Duke Show 2015.06.01

Today Dr. Duke provided a preview of a major research article that he is preparing on Jewish privilege verses White privilege. The fact is that in American and many other Western societies today, privilege in concentrated in a tiny Jewish minority which when it suits them bills themselves as white. However, this same privileged Jewish elite goes to great lengths to suppress European American representation in important power institutions, such as the Ivy League universities.
He and Dr. Slattery also discussed an article by Gilad Atzmon about how Jewish Voice for Peace, an "anti-Zionist" group that works within the larger Palestinian Solidarity Movement, has blacklisted Alison Weir, the founder of If Americans Knew. Jewish Voice for Peace did not even accuse Mrs. Weir of having said or done anything improper, but are smearing her merely because of people she has associated with or given interviews to, including David Duke Show regular guest Reverend Mark Dankof! This exposes Jewish Voice for Peace as a censorship organization that tries to establish boundaries for Palestinian Solidarity and anti-war movements that are safe for Jewish supremacism.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.06.01

Completion of Masonry in the bible discussion

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No Agenda Episode 726 - "Weather Whiplash - 2015.05.31

TODAY; SnowJob; Agenda 21; F-Russia; CYBER!; Bank$ters; Shut Up Slave!; War on Ammo; FIFA; NA-Tech News; War on Ca$h; Hillary 2016; Big Pharma; Ministry of Truth; $hadow Puppet Theatre; Haiti; Joker; Baltimore; Poppie$tan; MIC; 2nd Half; Cultural Marxism, and all your usual listening whilst finally working out for yourself exactly how cointelpro'd the "Alternative media" really is favourites.

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The Holocaust Hoax Exposed - Steven Anderson

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