August 11, 2014

Monsanto’s Public Relations Makeover: Lubricating The Wheels Of The GMO Trojan Horse

GMOs are potentially a weapon of mass destruction masquerading as a benign and altruistic product of mass consumption for the hungry millions. Control the seed and you control the food supply and the people. Control what is in the seed and you control the nature of that food and the live and death of people. Rebranding GMOs and nice-sounding words about ‘feeding the world’ are intended to lubricate the wheels of the GMO Trojan horse. Once inside a nation’s borders, a nation would potentially lose control of its food to a major US corporation armed with its patented seeds and intellectual property rights.  ***Read full article here***

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.08.10

Thunder from Down Under

Kyle is joined by Adam and Garth from The Crazz Files. They discuss the current state of affairs in Australia, non-White immigration, anti-White bias, hate speech laws, Jewish power, and whatever else comes to mind.

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Spingola Speaks 2014.08.10

Deanna’s guests for the first hour of today’s broadcast were Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk, co-authors of Dissolving Illusions.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.08.11

The show starts with Tom from England AKA " The mad hatter " (lol) and then Giuliani proceeds to bash believers and the bible and talks about the nation of Constantine. Sorry for the poor synopsis but feel free to post a better one of your own.

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David Duke Show 2014.08.11

Dr. David Duke has a foundational show today with his special guest, Dr. James Thring of the UK. First, Dr. Duke goes into the details of his new article on the mythology that truly religious Jews do not support Zionism or aspects of radical Jewry. Of course, the fact is that the opposite is true. The most orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel are the most radical supporters of genocide against the Palestinians and Jewish racism and hatred toward Gentiles around the world. Then Dr. Duke goes to Dr. James Thring and he gets his perspective on the latest Israeli crimes in Gaza and an assessment of the Jewish elders behind the scenes and their possible strategy in all this. Also asking Dr. Thring a question is Dr. Slattery. A powerful show that will help you understand the Jewish Problem in far greater clarity. Share it an support Dr. Duke's great work!

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No Agenda Episode 642 - "Walking Bear" - 2014.08.10

WTC7; Caliphate!; Ebola / Africa; F-Russia; Vaccine$; Agenda 21; StateCraft; Poppie$tan; War on Ca$h; EUROLand; Obama Nation; SnowJob; NA-Tech; Hillary 2016; Magic Number; Shut Up Slave! And all your usual Floating in a Tin-Can whilst Listening Favourites.
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Missouri: Unarmed Man Had His Hands in the Air When He Was Shot and Killed by Police

Looting at Ferguson - Shooting riots after Mike Brown killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri Shooting & vandalism riots at Ferguson, Missouri - unarmed Mike Brown killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri.
*Note the particular Race involved in all the looting going on. Same thing happened here in UK back in 2011 - Proof positive that the majority of lawlessness is carried out by the immigrant and coloured communities everywhere.