August 07, 2022



The Meathead Reset:
No More T-Bones For You!


Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2022.08.06

Powers & Principalities Episode 259

Criminalizing Dissent

Just to let you know

   So it's my birthday in a few days and I'm gonna have a few friends over in the backyard. We'll be eating T-bones cooked on real clean wood. The setup is an old washing machine tub for burning wood and the grill is from an old fridge when they had stainless steel shelves without plastic on them. I know I know it's a welfare setup but the meat is cooked so much better like that than on the propane propaganda that they started back in the 80's. "Use our propane and you will not get cancer" bit. LOL

   43$ CAD  For three T-bones one inch and a half thick. That was on sale obviously. This might be the last year I can afford those before we are forced to eat Soylent Green and I'm sharing the meat with retards that all took the vax at least once. 

   In any case, I'm telling you this because if I do miss a day or two of posting, you will know why and I don't want you to think that I'm on an other extended vacation. lol

   Moreover, I consider some of you guys to be my friends much more than family because you understand better what is happening than the morons around. The absurdity of what is going on is unbelievably astonishing.

   Good luck everyone " And be safe! Please put your muzzles on !"  LOL