September 14, 2015

Spingola and Friends 9/14/2015

Burt of Only Free Men and The Freeman University is Deanna's guest.
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Who Controls America?


Overthrow Radio Network: cracking down on alternative health 9/11/2015 - The Farm radio talk show

Chris Petherick will be joined by Jim Spounias, the president of Carotec, a health and wellness company, to take an in-depth look at new reports that federal authorities are cracking down on alternative health companies while giving a pass to Big Pharma.             Show-page      
The Barnes Review


The Debate - Judaization of al-Aqsa Mosque

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.09.14

Peter Mooring on Covert Harassment Conference

 Peter Mooring, is a founder of the STOPEG Foundation and an organizer of the Covert Harassment Conference taking place in Berlin October 1st and 2nd. (I will be there presenting a paper on “Technology as a False God: The Heresy of Exposing Covert Harassment.”)

"The Covert Harassment Conference aims to create awareness on the covert harassment of civilians. Not only whistle blowers, activists and political opponents are targeted, but also thousands of innocent civilians are subjected to non-consensual testing and mind control experimentation by a myriad of non-lethal weapons and covert community harassment by (non-) government agencies." (Check out the Conference Press Release.)

Peter Mooring has a degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer architecture from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Together with some other graduates he started his own company specialized in developing custom advanced computer hardware and software systems. Some of the investors in the company - wealthy individuals and/or "cut-outs" for intelligence agencies - apparently deemed Peter an "actionable threat" and a guinea pig for testing electronic weapons systems.

Those interested in the topic may wish to consult my interview with psychologist Seth Farber and two electronic harassment victims.

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David Duke Show 2015.09.14

Dr. Duke asks for True SCV to Stand Up! & Dr. Thring of UK on the New Head of Labor: Corbyn!
Today Dr. Duke started the show by pointing out the obvious lies in the media coverage of his appearance at LSU in opposition to the Black Lives Matters "barbecue" of the Confederate Flag. He pointed out how the same media outlets would even contradict their own stories in order to denigrate him.
He then brought on Dr. James Thring from Britain, who talked about the new leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was elected over the weekend despite a massive smear campaign by Britian's Zio-establishment over his association with anti-Zionist activist like Dr. Thring. Corbyn's landslide victory in the leadership election can be viewed as a positive sign that understanding of the harm being done to the world by Zionism is spreading.

Davids' site
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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.09.14

Tribal doctors down through the ages

Russia’s Lavrov Warns Of “Unintended Incidents” – U.S. Gen. Allen Warns Of “Confrontation”

With the United States engaging in airstrikes all across Syria, there exists the real possibility that lines of communications may become crossed – intentionally or unintentionally – between the United States and Russian forces, resulting in the downing of one or the other’s jets. If that happens, the level of tensions between the two powers will be increased to unprecedented levels, leaving open the question of whether or not the “victim” of the incident will opt to show restraint or engage in retaliatory measures.
Likewise with the Israeli forces that continually launch bombing missions in Syria, and act as air cover for death squad fighters operating on the ground. The Israelis are notoriously provocative in their military adventures, encouraged by the fact that they have the United States military to back them up whenever they find themselves in trouble. Both destabilizing and unpredictable, the Israelis always stand as a potential trigger for dragging the United States into a war. While the Russians are fully supportive of an Israeli (Zionist) settler state, by supporting the Syrians against the Israeli-supported terrorists on the ground, the Russians run the risk of an “accidental” (or otherwise) confrontation with Israeli aircraft.
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The Debate - War on Yemen 9/13/2015

Russia says arms supplies for Syria aim to help Damascus fight ISIS(Daesh) terrorists

No Agenda Episode 756 - "Shemita Cycle" - 2015.09.13

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