July 19, 2022

A Clear And Simple Message to Alien Parasitoid Macrob Parading On The Streets Of Paris On Bastille Day With Bratchild's Army of Retarded Robotoids - V for Voltman, Raging Dissident

What Should Have Been The Liberation of Paris from the Rothschild Banksters... 


Le Triomphe de La Stupidité Monumentale au Détriment de la Raison et de la Justice Élémentaire

Michael Tsarion

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Parasitoid larvae in caterpillars affect behaviour of moths
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Another Walk in The Park For The Naked Emperor and his Grossly Overpaid Goons Without Gonads & Another Picnic For The Criminally Insane, Less-Than-Useless Eaters

Putin is NOT a NWO Globalist, Zionist Sympathizer or Chabad Lubavitcher - Ex Top-Level Putin Advisor - Dubovikova, Kurten, Szamuely & Gonzalo Lira Roundtable


Let's Go Brandon...

Here’s “CONCLUSIVE PROOF” that Putin is not an NWO globalist or Zionist sympathizer or Chabad Lubavitcher.

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé provides firsthand testimony, from a now deceased but long-time top-level Putin advisor, which offers conclusive proof that “President Putin is what President Putin does”.  Where it concerns the extremely secret intrigues that saw Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Vladimir Putin ultimately appointed as “acting prime minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Yeltsin” on 9 August 1999, it does not get any more authoritative than the testimony of Warsaw Pact Commander-in-chief and Marshal of the Soviet Union Wiktor Kulikow.  

Ardent Russian nationalist Kulikow played a decisive role in purging the Zionist traitors, who had infiltrated every level of government in the Kremlin and throughout Moscow, by way of a nation-saving conspiratorial plot executed by an ultra-secret coterie of Russian patriots known as “Razved” (which means “divorced”).  In fact, the highly privileged insider’s account posted below both parallels and fleshes out the skeleton of the narrative of Putin’s rise to power that SOTN published in 2014 under the title: Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role after the Pre-Planned Collapse of the Soviet Union.

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