May 06, 2015

In The Name of Allah (Islam for Dummy Kafir)

A comprehensive expose' of one side of the "Abrahamic Triangle" by respected Blogger "Zen Gardner".
The UN intends to make it a crime to defame or criticise religion, particularly Islam. I believe it is imperative that non-Muslims understand exactly what Islam is and what it is we are not allowed to defame or criticise. When I began researching this article my intention was to do just that, however I find there is no need, you can decide for yourself whether it should be criticised or defamed.
One major problem with discovering what Islam actually entails is the fact that Muslims protest the Kafirs (non-Muslims) misunderstand it because something has been mistranslated, or we misunderstand because it is a subtle matter of religion.
‘Islam’ literally means submission, deriving from the word Islama.The definition of peace in Islam is total submission. According to the religious scriptures there will only be world peace once the world has converted to Islam. Evidently the Islamic agenda is to convert the world to Islam, taxing, enslaving then killing all those that do not convert. It is an offence to Islam to be Kafir. It is an offence to not recognise there is only one God, their God Allah (pronounced Al-lah).

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.05.06

Learn How the Game Is Played and Protect Yourself

-Raising your children to be assertive and to question everything
-The importance of keeping a ledger to track income and expenses
-The burden of debt the new generation is carrying
-Taxing savings in Australia
-Andy tells us why putting money in hard tangible assets is better than saving it in cash
-Why Andrew prefers rare numismatic gold and silver coins over bullion
-The problem with Free Trade
-TPP is just NAFTA on steroids; why do the American people continue to allow this to go on?
-The problem with municipal bonds
-Using debt as a blessing
-The folly of financing depreciating assets like a car
-What is The Counsel on Foreign Relations and what do they do?
-Does it even matter who wins the Presidency? Should we move out of the country?
-Taking advantage of inflationary cycles
-How to raise your credit score
-Is JP Morgan just accumulating silver in order to back their continued games of manipulation? Or is the main purpose to position for the future profits when the physical market begins to drive price?

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David Duke Show 2015.05.06

Dr. Duke started the show recapping some of the highlights of his recent trip to Mexico to take part in an international conference on issues important to anti-Zionist and pro-European activists. He had as his guest for the rest of the hour Professor Kevin MacDonald. Professor MacDonald emphasized that discussion of Jewish power is absolutely forbidden and that this prohibition is closely guarded, with anyone of us daring to expose Jewish power becoming subjects of vicious attacks against our reputations and livelihoods.
Professor MacDonald said that the European peoples have been subjected to character attacks from Jewish social movements such as the Frankfurt School and brainwashed into self-loathing. He said that Europeans, as exemplified by Swedes in particular, exhibit a pathological altruism whereby they will subvert their ethnic interests for a universal moralism, and that this characteristic has been taken advantage of by Jewish supremacists, whose ethnic interests are always their top priority.
He agreed with Dr. Duke that the only way forward for European activists is to recognize the European sense of altruism and fairness, and to emphasize that the European liberation movement rejects the subjugation of any people and is truly dedicated to the proposition that all peoples should be free and independent.

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DEA Agents Caught in Drug Money Prostitute Scandal...Guess What Happens?

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.05.06

Continuation of the Nazi occult discussion

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Most Outrageous Tales of the Holocaust

Please remember when you skim through this long list and read individual stories, that although most of this may appear completely outrageous, impossible and laughable, these stories and allegations were presented dead serious as nothing but the truth.

These stories were and are still being used to defame the German people and their ancestors, to extort sympathy, cash and even submarines for the further glory of the state of Israel.
***Read the most outrageous tales of the holocaust here***  
*The #1 biggest tale

The Graham Hart Show 2015.05.05

Guest John Harris and Graham discuss:
  • It's an Illusion
  • John regretting how he went about publishing his knowledge
  • Self-deprecation from John
  • Slaves are dumb-asses
  • John's new book coming out in a few weeks
  • The state of humanity and where it might end-up
  • Zap: I'm just paraphrasing here but John is apparently saying that he doesn't know shit from Shinola anymore which is a statement that I can really relate to. LOL
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The People Speak with Rock Cash 2015.05.05


Guests: Shlomo Sand The Invention of the Jewish People

Enjoy the BS festival. Rock was way too soft on him IMO

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