October 04, 2015

Soros-Backed NGO Fakes Photos To Blame Russia For Dead Civilians

Are you ready for a big surprise? Another Soros-connected pro-terrorist NGO in Syria has been caught red-headed faking evidence of “crimes against humanity” allegedly committed by forces who stand in opposition to the goals of the NATO/U.S. ruling elite.

Ok. Well, maybe it is not a big surprise. In fact, it is not a surprise at all given that, ever since the Syrian crisis began (and in the time leading up to the crisis), NGOs have been on the ground in Syria stirring up jihadist resentment against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad and fabricating “crimes” committed by that government.

The only new development here is that the NGO, Soros-connected “White Helmets,” are claiming that the Russians are the humanitarian criminals.
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Hagee's Horses Of The Apocalypse Debunked

In this video Nathanael does a very good job dealing with the eschatological issues that zionist Christians get caught-up in.

Putin Calls Out U.S. At U.N. Summit: “Do You Realize Now What You Have Done?”

While the incessant propaganda being levelled at Russia and Russian President Vladmir Putin from the West continues, it is nonetheless understood that the UN summit that took place only a few days ago was a public relations defeat for the United States and Barack Obama. Whatever side one wishes to take, it was clear that Putin’s speech outshined Obama’s on every front and the United States left the event with yet another black eye on the reputation and credibility of a country that could have been the envy of the world, but is now viewed by the rest of the world as a petulant, albeit, very dangerous child.
Although Obama’s oratory skills (at least when a working teleprompter is present) are known far and wide, Putin’s classic slouch and steady speech proved to be too much for the Nobel Prize winner to overcome. Indeed, it was not Obama’s oratory that failed at the UN summit, it was what Obama represents. In other words, it was the U.S. reputation and credibility that collapsed in New York. Although Obama himself represents that failure, it has finally reached the point where no amount of impressive oration can repair what the United States has broken throughout its history, especially in the last 15 years.
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