September 16, 2015

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - 9/14/2015

Brandon discusses new additions to the website, his new book on Hillary Clinton, the Syrian crisis, Russian involvement in Syria, Russian-Swedish relations, NATO, and the European immigration crisis.


US-led campaign against ISIL under fire for ineffectiveness - Message sent to Western leaders

Ken O'Keefe comments - US: Syrian president has no role in fight against ISIL(ISIS)

Down in a Blaze of Glory

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.09.16

Prof. James Tracy discusses academic freedom, Gladio-style shootings - and experiences "electronic harassment"

Professor James Tracy's university administration is trying to roll back tenure - the job security system whose purpose is to protect academic freedom - and the faculty is not pleased. Since this comes on the heels of years of pushback against Professor Tracy's academic freedom, one wonders whether Dr. Tracy will go down in history as the professor whose research (on Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing) was so dangerous that tenure had to be abolished, everywhere, just to stop HIM!

And speaking of the powers that be messing with free speech, this radio show was disrupted by all sorts of bizarre sound effects. Covert harassment? Listen and decide! We also discuss James Tracy's latest article:

Delta State University: Professor Dead after Campus “Active Shooter Drill”

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David Duke Show 2015.09.16

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald discuss Jewess Who Paints Portrait of Trump in Her Menstrual Blood to Support Immigration
Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. They started off by talking about examples of bizarre behavior by Jews that have been in the media this week, from an animal sacrifice ritual aimed at absolving the sins to be committed in the year ahead to a Jewish "artist" who painted a portrait of Donald Trump using her own menstrual blood and donated it to a pro-immigration organization to auction off in a fundraiser.
They then got into the Jewish role in the tsunamigration crisis in Europe as well as the transformation of the United States into a Zio-dominated multicultural state with a white whipping boy minority. Dr. Slattery joined in the discussion of the Zio-controlled opposition and the Galileo-style oppression of academics who defy orthodoxy to speak the obvious truth about Jewish domination of society.

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Steve Rannazzisi, Comedian from Smithtown, Long Island, New York, Who Told of 9/11 Escape, Admits He Lied

When the comedian Steve Rannazzisi has explained his success, which includes seven seasons starring on a popular TV show, “The League,” and a one-hour special this Saturday on Comedy Central, he has frequently attributed it to decisions he made after narrowly escaping the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.
In elaborate detail, Mr. Rannazzisi, 37, has described working at Merrill Lynch’s offices on the 54th floor of the south tower when the first plane struck the north tower.
“I was there and then the first tower got hit and we were like jostled all over the place,” he told an interviewer in 2009.
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Russia FM Lavrov Calls Out U.S. For Protecting ISIS; Says U.S. Has ‘Ulterior Motives’ In Syria

What has been well-known among informed observers for quite some time is now becoming so obvious that it is almost impossible to hide except from the most gullible members of the general public – that fact the United States is not only not interested in fighting ISIS, but they are actively protecting and shielding it.

In truth, the US relationship with ISIS goes much deeper since the US created, armed, and trained the terrorist organization from its inception for the purpose of destroying the secular government of Bashar al-Assad and providing a boogeyman for the fearful masses back home to justify a greater police state and foreign military adventurism.
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*Who Controls America?

UN: Syrian conflict has forced millions of people from their homes

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.09.15

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Harry Cooper& Clark McClelland - WW2 German UFO
…'The Bell'

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Harry Cooper& Clark McClelland - WW2 German UFO
…'The Bell'

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Kirwan - The View From SF

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About Rodney Martin 2015.09.16

I guess you won this battle Rodney but the only reason why you did, is because you threatened my co-admins with legal action too when you knew full well that I was the only one responsible for posting the shows coming out of what you call a network.

Getting them in trouble for my actions was not an option for me because I have a conscience and empathy. After two years and a half of promoting you for free this is the thanks I get? In my opinion, the only good thing to come out of this is how you exposed yourself as being a petty man. I hope that we cross paths someday.

As for Charles Giuliani, I hope that he will see who he's dealing with and will find another venue ASAP.

I've removed every BS crap that I've posted for you. Now get lost and I never want to see you in here again Rodney.

Fake smile with Jewy tactics LOL