June 01, 2014

Country Doctor Cures Cancer With Baking Soda & Maple Syrup

Jim Kelmun – a 75 year old former truck driver, has been preparing remedies to assist cancer sufferers since 1954. He has treated 200 terminal cancer sufferers, and claims that 185 of them lived for at least a further 15 years.

Oddly, Jim has been threatened with jail by authorities unless he stops administering his remedy – as he has no medical degree!!!

"There's not a tumor on God's green Earth that can't be licked with a little baking soda and maple syrup!"

The Remedy – Maple Syrup and Baking Powder (Bicarbonate of soda)

    Mix 1 part baking soda to 3 parts maple syrup
    Heat rigorously in a pan for 5 minutes

    Take two teaspoons of the mixture per day for the first week and then one teaspoon per day as needed.

Try to get 100% Grade B maple syrup.

Dr Mark Sircus has examined the results and comments as follows:-

“cancer cells gobble up sugar so when you encourage the intake of sugar it’s like sending in a Trojan horse. The sugar is not going to encourage the growth of the cancer colonies because the baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow”

“The treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup [bulk Grade B from the health food store] and baking soda and was first reported on the Cancer Tutor site. When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline forces a rapid shift in pH killing the cell.”

An almost identical remedy has been suggested by Italian Dr Simoncini – who claims to treat cancer as if it were a fungus.

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NoAgenda Episode 622 - "Operation Chokepoint" - 2014.06.01

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Spingola Speaks 2014.06.01

Guest:2-4: Dr. Jeanne M. Stolzer, Keeping the Boy in Boyhood; The Systemic Correlation Between Psychiatric Medications and Unprovoked Mass Murder in America; 4-5: Bruce Wiseman, CCHR-Vets; CCHR 

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Introduction to Holocaust revisionism

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Auschwitz the missing cyanide

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Auschwitz versus Science a documentary about the gas chambers and crematoria of the holocaust

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Body Count

This Weeks Numbers 


6,717 US soldiers died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.  


82,805 US veterans have killed themselves in the same time period.

Hollywood Pedophile Ring protected by Police, Media

May 14, 2014. Hollywood. When a rich Hollywood producer was named in a civil lawsuit a couple weeks ago, he was accused of imprisoning children, filling them with drugs and alcohol, and then together with other wealthy Hollywood elites, violently gang-raping them against their will. The suit contends that the American media industry, government and law enforcement community are well aware of the massive illegal pedophile ring because they’ve been flaunting it in the open for decades. The mother of the victim insists all three industries are part of the nationwide cover-up.

Just as it took decades for the code of silence and government protection to finally subside and the size of the secret pedophile ring operating inside the Catholic Church to be exposed, victims of Hollywood’s pedophile industry are still waiting for justice. Even the very public slap in the face by the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow during this year’s Golden Globe Awards did little to raise the ire of Americans. When known and admitted pedophile Woody Allen was given a touching tribute by the Hollywood award show, Allen’s son Tweeted to the world, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute - did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7?”

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Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens

A 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans.

The directive contains noncontroversial provisions on support to civilian fire and emergency services, special events and the domestic use of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The troubling aspect of the directive outlines presidential authority for the use of military arms and forces, including unarmed drones, in operations against domestic unrest.

A U.S. official said the Obama administration considered but rejected deploying military force under the directive during the recent standoff with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his armed supporters.

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U.S. General George Patton On Jews And Germans

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Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg


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Blacklisted Radio Live Stream 2014.05.31

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