June 21, 2013

ISS Transit Over The Moon

Taken with a £500 Canon SLR camera Del.
ISS MOON TRANSIT: The Moon is waxing full this week, which means there's more bright territory for spaceships to cross. Yesterday, astrophotographer Maximilian Teodorescu of Dumitrana, Romania, caught the International Space Station passing in front of the Moon in broad daylight!
(SW Mak 150mm (F/12), Canon 550D, ISO 800, 1/1250s. Ephemeris of the transit thank to CalSky website.)

Spingola Speaks 2013.06.21

Guest: Dr. Rebecca Carley; Reversing Vaccine Induced Diseases; CDC Vaccine Schedules; AIC; Birth to Death; AMA

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There were always people who wanted to control others and, by imposing their will, secure their existence, materially and spiritually. There were always spiritual guides who wanted nothing but the best for their students and then there were guides who used their students for their own gains. Whether talking of secular or religious world, principles of controlling others are very similar, it's all about disconnecting people from their source, from God, disconnecting people from each other, and about taking control of their mind.

Generally, we people are very uncertain as to what are we doing in this world, of what we really want, of who we really are. Deep down we feel insecure, confused and disconnected and this makes us frightened. This is a fertile ground for the manipulators of the world to work on.

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David Duke Show 2013.06.21

Today: The publishing of The Secret Behind Communism is Imminent! But it will take your support! Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery go in depth on some of the vital parts of this groundbreaking book. This book will be an enormously powerful weapon in exposing and deposing the Jewish extremists who control our nations and lead the world to war, hate, genocide, degeneration and defilement! Please make a gift toward this books publication now. Please go to www.davidduke.com and click on one of the stories about the book, read the introduction and make a generous contribution!

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.06.20

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD - Deadly MERS Breaking Out Of The Mideast

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Patricia Doyle, PhD - Emerging Diseases

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Yoichi Shimatsu - The NSA Scandal - PRISM Targets Hong Kong As Financial Center

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Israeli torture of Palestinians

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has reported that Israeli forces are mistreating Palestinian children, including torturing those in custody and using others as human shields.
In this edition of the show we will discuss the extent of the torture, and whether what Israel is doing in the occupied territories including Gaza amounts to an ethnic cleansing.
We will also discuss the prospects of peace talks, which earlier in the week, an Israeli official announced that chances for a two state solution has reached a dead-end.

AFP Radio Network 6/19/2013

AFP reporter Keith Johnson talks with Maryland attorney Robin Ficker about the anti-Toy Gun hysteria sweeping the nation.


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Feet to the fire: Douglas Dietrich on North Korea

What is the plan? An important article and proposition from Nick Grifford on the ragsmakepaper Blog.

What could be more British?
The word ‘nation’ is derived from the Latin nãtiõ meaning ‘breed, race, people’. Nationalism is therefore a system or doctrine based on one’s breed, race, and people. To be a Nationalist one must accept that race is the primary factor in all things and that a flag, an institution, a culture, a civilisation, or even a landmass, are secondary concerns. A British Nationalist is motivated by his love of the British breed, race, and people; a White Nationalist is preoccupied with the entire race, without diminution or exception.

Report: Skype set up Project Chess to enable official snooping

Axis Of Evil?
Surveillance team in place before Microsoft took over
For the last five years, Skype has been running an internal team called Project Chess to investigate methods to allow law enforcement to listen in on users' phone calls, sources have told The New York Times. (Report on theregister.co.uk)

Investigators assert new evidence on crash of TWA flight 800

17 years after TWA flight number 800 went down in the waters outside of New York City, a group of investigators now say what we know about the failed flight is far from the truth.

Gitmo, awful for US human rights record

Press TV has conducted an interview with Andy Worthington, with the Close Guantanamo Campaign, about the hunger strike still continuing at Guantanamo Bay prison.

Irish Patriot Calls Out Obama's hypocrisy on Ireland and Syria

An inspiring woman ! Lioness Clare Daly accuses parliament of pimping out her nation like prostitutes for Obama. She accuses Obama of absolute hypocrisy calling for peace in northern Ireland but not in Syria . The Collaborator who answers her questions shows an affinity to other cockroaches and collaborators around the world, such as his counter parts in Syria.

AFP Radio Network 6/17/2013

AFP Roving Editor Mark Anderson comments on Bilderberg 2013, with particular attention to what has developed in the British House of Commons regarding some of the first discussion of Bilderberg ever to take place there. Mark’s guest is Mike Robinson of the UK Column newspaper, who’s insightful on British politics.


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The International Jew Study Hour 6/20/2013

Jewish Jazz Becomes Our National Music – Episode 52

Maurice Cotterell - Anti-gravity Radiation & Molecular Disintegration of Matter

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