May 26, 2013

The Piper Report 2013.05.26

Mike Piper rails on real conspiracy `theorists', mucking up the information sphere, and the public perception of internet posts and `expert' commentators.

Hungarian George discusses Piper's book, Final Judgement, on the JFK shooting, Hungarian history of fights with Khazars, and the Jobbik party in Hungary which is under attack from Jewish interests, due to its connections to Muslims.

Mike Piper

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IN MEMORY OF THE FUHRER 4-20-1889 - 4-20-2013

What's Ailing America with Dr Rebecca Carley 2013.05.26

Dr Carley's last show on RBN. Title of this show: " I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! ".

Mostly news and commentary. NOTE: She has had offers to do shows on other Networks but she is taking a break.

Dr. Carley' Site

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"Kill Whitey" UK Tour 2013 (Compilation)

An Hour by the Window: False Visions of Hitler in the West (2 Parts)


False Visions of Hitler in the West, Part I: Through the Gulf War to the Golden Dawn 


False Visions of Hitler in the West, Part II: The Underlying Foreign Policies of Germany

The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.05.26

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Michael Weaver, an activist with the National Alliance who was arrested and imprisoned for defending himself against two Black men trying to rob him.  Michael was the victim of an extremely hostile anti-White justice system, and was persecuted for his political and racial beliefs.  We will be discussing his background and case, his political and racial views, and related matters.  Be sure to visit Michael's website White Information Network (WIN).



Max French's The Victory Hour May 25, 2013

The angry white man and how his angst is being used by organized Jewish interests into fueling Israel’s war against Islam–Egeria and Max deconstruct how ‘White Nationalists’ are being used as the shock troops in advancing the very agenda they claim to oppose.




Spingola Special 2013.05.26

John Kaminski talks about The Missing Word; Weather Modification: Moore, Oklahoma

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Spingola Special 2013.05.25

Veronica Clark talks more about NLP

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Origin of Talmudic Law

Talmudic Law is the world's first fictional, fraudulent and inequal system of written Law formed in a custom designed black (satanic) magic curse language called Hebrew first introduced by Menesheh High priest Baba Rabban in the year 333 in the form of the Mishnah at the proclaiming of the Sarmatian state of Israel.

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Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

The simple reality is that the internet is the largest threat to corrupt government officials. It’s how we managed to break open the entire IRS scandal that has blown up in Obama’s face and led to calls for criminal action against top officials responsible for targeting Constitution-based groups with phony financial assaults. It’s also how we know about the truth surrounding Benghazi and what went down there. An event that has also generated serious awareness and even calls for impeachment.
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Abraham is not MY father

The reaction of Jewish leaders to the Church of Scotland report, “The Inheritance of Abraham,” casts in high relief distressing characteristics of Hebrew scripture and Zionist practice. 
In contrast, the history and culture of Iran are more in tune with the teaching and actions of Jesus that Christians profess to value, as well as of universal human values.
What is so special about Abraham?
Why does the Church of Scotland
feel bound to the so-called Abrahamic tradition?

Look at Abraham critically: 
His behaviour is, shall we say, not very appealing. 
His earliest public act was to destroy the religious icons of other people’s beliefs.
He was likely kicked out of Ur for some outrageous offense against a civilized and prosperous community.
He impregnated Hagar, and then abandoned her and her child, Ishmael. 
He prostituted his own wife. 
He was prepared to kill his own child to serve the voices in his head.
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Adam Kokesh EXPOSED - Works for 'Organizing for Action' / 'Obama for America' - DO NOT ATTEND MARCH
*Whois data shows FREEADAMKOKESH.COM created 6 days BEFORE KoKesh (staged) arrest!*
The Smoking Gun
Paid Russian Agent Kokesh Won't Discuss Rubles from Putin at Jefferson Memorial
Interesting thing about 'Organizing for Action' is it's Obama's key gun legislation project that he is pumping masses amounts of resources into, from, and I quote CNN, "powerful grassroots organization and social media operations"

"Washington (CNN) -- As President Barack Obama begins his second term in the White House, the remaining structure of his re-election campaign will re-launch as a new political organization with a mission to advocate his agenda over the next four years.

CNN has confirmed that Obama for America will transform into a non-profit, tax-exempt group, that will attempt to leverage the re-election campaign's powerful grassroots organization and social media operation, as well as its rich voter database and vast email distribution list, to build up public support for the president as he pushes for agreements over the debt ceiling and the federal budget, gun control legislation, immigration reform, and other objectives."

A Pictorial History Of The United States Government

Mike Delaney's Prothink Radio Show 5-25-2013

Mike Delaney and his co-hosts conduct a round table discussion.

Prothink's audio archives 

Lectures on the Holocaust 


Fritz Berg: Nazi Gassings
Fritz Berg of

Lectures on the Holocaust

Fredrick Toben on the Holocaust
Dr. Fredrick Toben Holocaust expert enlightens us on some issues.

Lectures on the Holocaust